Updated on April 26th, 2023

Today there are a few options when it comes to office environments for businesses to choose from. There is the typical office, which is productive and a great collaborative environment, but can be costly to run and a distracting environment.

The home office, which can be looked down upon as being unprofessional, distracting, or not equipped to handle projects, and not the best place for meetings.

A newer concept the virtual office, which has a dedicated business address. Virtual office workers can work pretty much anywhere they have an Internet connection or rent office space.

What makes the virtual office better than work from home

1. Using a virtual office you keep your home just that your home. Your home needs to be the place you enjoy with your family, your pets, your TV, whatever it is you enjoy at the end of the day. Your home needs to be the place you unwind and enjoy.

Your home shouldn’t be the place you work all day and try to relax too. Working from home makes it incredibly difficult to create a balance between work and life that everyone needs.

With a virtual office, you do the majority of your work outside of your house so you can attain that balance easier.

2. A virtual office gives you a business address and keeps your home address private and free of business mail.

With a service like PostScan Mail, an advanced digital mail service, you can easily choose which mail you need to receive and which can be shredded or recycled.  Best of all it can all be done online in just a few minutes.

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3. Another huge benefit of a virtual office is the professionalism it provides. You can rent an office space that is staffed if needed, often with a package that includes phone lines, voicemail, a conference room for meetings, etc. and use it daily or as needed. That will provide your business with a street address and a physical location.

4. Working from home may offer the shortest commute and most relaxed dress code possible; it is easy to find yourself stuck in your house working on a project for 5 days straight without leaving the house. With a virtual office, you get out of the house to go to work.

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You interact with people face to face every day and you keep normal business hours. Working from home you can quickly start working all hours because your hours become too flexible.

One day you decide to work a little late so you can go to lunch with someone, the next it’s something else and before you know it you find yourself working on projects at midnight for a variety of reasons.

Some flexibility is great, but it can become too much of a good thing and we all need a little structure and a virtual office is great at helping provide that.

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