Have you outgrown your PO Box? If so, you’re in the right place. There are multiple reasons why a PO Box is not convenient. For example, even though there are many Post Offices nationwide,

there are still many areas that don’t have Post offices and you’re required to drive a long distance to get to one. However, you can find a UPS Store almost every few blocks, in small towns or big cities.

With a PO Box, you’re tied to the Post Office’s operating hours, and getting mail on weekends or holidays is difficult. If you’re using your PO Box for business, this can slow progress and can cause a huge delay.

Also, using a PO Box address as a business mailing address isn’t professional and could lessen your credibility with customers. Another problem you may be facing with a PO Box is that you can only accept mail and packages from USPS, excluding other carriers like UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

You end up having to juggle two mailing addresses because you get packages at two separate addresses. A UPS Mailbox provides solutions to these problems among other services. We’ve put together a guide with everything you need to know about UPS Mailboxes, like cost, advantages, disadvantages, and more.

What is a UPS Mailbox?

The UPS Store is one of the most popular shipping companies in the world and with their mailbox services, you can rent either a personal or business mailbox.

This private mailbox is similar to a PO Box, but with more convenience and professionalism in handling your mail and deliveries. This is because the UPS Store mailbox comes with a real street address so you can accept mail from all shipping carriers, not just USPS. The mailbox is located inside a physical UPS Store of your choice.

Their mailbox sizes are similar to a PO Box and you can get a larger box if you get a high volume of mail and packages. This solution is perfect for businesses looking for a professional address and comfort in mail deliveries.

What are the advantages of getting a UPS Mailbox?

  • A private mailbox offers extra privacy and security as you no longer need to use your home address as your mailing address, especially for business mail or while shopping online. You no longer need to share your home address with customers, partners, or vendors.


  • The UPS Store is popular for its commitment and 24/7 operating hours in many locations. You’ll easily be able to go and check your mail, at any time. With their Call-In MailCheck, you can call to check if you have new mail and save yourself the trip to the store. You will also get a text or email notification when you receive mail. Most UPS Stores even work during the weekends and holidays; so you’re no longer tied to the USPS working hours.


  • You can get mail and packages at your physical mailing address from all carriers, not just USPS. You can finally stop bouncing between two mailing addresses. Some online stores only use private shipping carriers so shopping online should be a breeze with a private mailbox.


  • It’s a horrible feeling when you make it home from a work trip only to find out your package was returned to the sender because you weren’t available to pick it up. With a UPS Mailbox, there will always be someone available to sign for your package and they can even hold your package until you’re back or forward it to you, wherever you are.


  • Most importantly, when you move or change your address, the old Post Office is no longer helpful and you need to change your PO Box to a closer Post Office but with a UPS Mailbox, your options are more flexible.

What are the disadvantages of a UPS Mailbox?

  • You can use your UPS Mailbox as your mailing address but you cannot use it as your business address. This solution is good to use with customers and partners for business mail but you can’t use it as a registered agent or on your website and social accounts as a business address.


  • It’s preferable to have the UPS Store with your mailbox near you so that you’d be able to pick up your mail whenever you need it. You can call and check for new mail but if it’s urgent, waiting for it to be forwarded can be You will probably want to change the UPS Store to another closer one.


  • A UPS Mailbox can be costly if you let mail or packages pile up, as there is an overflow fee and storage fees so you need to be on top of your mail and pick it up regularly. Business mailboxes may cost slightly more than a personal mailbox.

UPS Mailbox Cost & Sizes

The cost of a UPS Mailbox depends on the size of the mailbox, location, and the rental period. There are three rental periods that you can choose from, a three-month plan, a six-month plan, and an annual plan.

The longer your plan is, the better the discount you get. There are also three sizes available in most of the UPS Stores, a small, medium, and large mailbox.

Small UPS Box

The small box is ideal for individuals not expecting a high volume of mail, small mailboxes range from $10 to $20 per month.

Medium UPS Box

The medium mailbox is suitable for families or small businesses expecting mail and packages frequently, medium mailboxes range from $20 to $40 per month.

Large UPS Box

The large mailbox is suitable for medium or large businesses expecting a high volume of mail and packages, large mailboxes range from $30 to $50 per month.

Other costs include a $10 to $15 fee for the key, an overflow fee if you have excessive mail or packages, late payment fees, storage fees if packages are left unattended, and there’s also a fee if you’ve lost the key and need a new one.

And finally, the location of the store and demand for mailboxes in the area also factor in the cost.

How to get a UPS Mailbox?

First, you need to find the nearest UPS Store and then you’ll need to contact them and ask about the mailbox size you want and its price because not all of the UPS Stores have all of the mailbox sizes.

When confirmed, you’ll need to go to the UPS Store with two forms of valid ID; one of them must be a photo ID. You’ll be required to sign an agreement (which you should read carefully) and make a mailbox deposit and pay for the key.

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What is a Better UPS Mailbox Alternative and a PO Box?

Even though a UPS Mailbox has its perks over a PO Box, you still can’t use it as your business address or registered agent and you need to call to check on your mail. A virtual mailbox offers everything a UPS Mailbox has and more.

Virtual Mailboxes allow you to remotely access, view, and manage your mail and packages online. You can handle important mail instantly, without needing to be at your physical mailbox.

Once we receive your mail at one of our secure locations, the envelope and labels are scanned and are then uploaded to your virtual mailbox. You can open & scan, forward, shred, recycle, delete, or archive your mail.

Just send out the handling request and our experienced mail operators will work their magic. Why wait to pick up your mail when you can manage everything online?

A virtual mailbox also offers other advanced features like mail search, folders, and automatic filters where mail is directed to designated folders.

You can also enjoy unlimited digital storage space for all of your opened and scanned mail as well as free physical storage space for 30 days for mail and 7 days for packages.

And to top that off, a virtual mailbox is a real street address with a physical mailbox located in commercial locations suitable for businesses. Sign up for your virtual mailbox today and have the best of both worlds!

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