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Having a PO box is extremely useful in the United states. It gives you a permanent mail and shipping address which keeps you assured your mails are secured even if you’ve traveled out of the country, temporarily changed your location, or lived in a remote location.

A PO Box gives you a more flexible solution to your mail needs and gives you the peace of mind that your mail is secured from theft and privacy invaders. 

Just like anything, a PO box has its drawbacks, including limited access, limited storage, and inability to receive emails from some service providers. 

But then what’s a better alternative? A mailbox with a street address is the answer to this question.

What is a Mailbox?

A mailbox is a receptacle for receiving mail at a private location or business. It is similar to a PO box, but a private mailbox gives you an actual street address, not a post office address. This is a great advantage as it will give your startup or home-based business a more professional look in clients’ eyes. 

Mail service providers like Postscan mail provide private mailbox rental services.

These service providers have a wide range of options for users willing to have more flexible control over their emails. The options include a virtual mailbox that enables you to control your mail 24/7 from the comfort of your room using an internet connection. 

Why is a mailbox with a street address better than a PO Box?

Suppose your small business doesn’t have a physical location or you’re too engaged to be receiving mail at your office. In that case, you’ve two alternatives: a PO box at a post office or a mailbox with a street at a private mailbox rental provider. But then, a private mailbox is considered a better option. Why? Below are some reasons:

1. It gives you a proper mailing address

One of the main differences between a PO box and a PMB is that a private mailbox provides your business with a real street address. A PO box can not be used as a professional mailing address on your website, adverts, or filing paperwork. On the other hand, a mailbox gives your business an actual street address that can be used anywhere and add value to your business. 

2. It Gives you a Permanent Address

A separate business address from your residential address ensures continuity even if you move out. Rather than hassle informing clients that you’ve changed your location, you can continue receiving mail via your mailbox without interruptions or lost deliveries. 


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3. You Will be able to Receive Mails and Packages from Different Carriers

One of the most significant drawbacks of PO boxes is you will only be able to receive emails from the USPS. If you regularly receive mails from other carriers, you’ll encounter problems. On the other hand, mailboxes enable one to receive packages and mail from different carriers, thereby providing reliability and versatility. 

4. Provides you with a more convenient notification option

If you have a PO box, you must visit the post office before you can know whether you’ve new mail. On the other hand, private mailboxes usually offer convenient notification services like sending you an SMS or email whenever you receive a new mail or package. Some providers also give you a line that you can always call to know whether you have a new mail or not. 

Some mail service providers like PostScan Mail provides the option of a virtual mailbox, which is 100% virtual and allows you to receive, scan, forward, or shred your mail online. 

5. It Provides you with the Mail Forwarding Option

Running a small business could mean always traveling around. Then, there are a lot of times that you won’t want to lose touch with your emails when you’re not around. Private mailbox providers have a mail forwarding service that allows you to have your mail delivered wherever you’re. 

6. It gives you a more Flexible Storage Space

PO boxes have limited storage, therefore, if you frequently receive packages that are bigger than your box, they’ll be kept in a post office locker for you to pick up, and you’ll be asked to upgrade the size of your box. On the other hand, using a private mailbox gives you access to larger storage space.

7. Round the Clock Access to your mails

If you have a PO box, you’ll only be able to access your mails during post office working hours. But if you have a private mailbox with UPS, you’ll have more flexible access, while a virtual mailbox with a street address gives you 24/7 access to your mail via the internet. 

The Benefits of a Private Mailbox Rental

Here are some of the benefits of using PMB Rental:

  •     Keeps your residential address private
  •     The versatility of accepting deliveries from any carrier
  •     The privilege to pick up your mail at any time
  •     Increased security and peace of mind.

How can you rent a mailbox with a street address?

1- Rent a private mailbox at UPS Store:

UPS mailbox rental stores are everywhere in the United States. You can easily find a UPS mailbox near your workplace. 

If you rent a mailbox at UPS, you’ll use the store’s street address as a mailing address. And you’ll be able to receive packages from different carriers like FedEx, USPS, DHL, and others, not only UPS.

Some small business owners even use this UPS mailbox as their business mail for more flexibility. Once you have a new mail, you’ll receive a mail; then, you can request to pick it up or get it forwarded. 

As you’re thinking of a mailbox rental service near you, it’s good you know there are different types of UPS mailboxes you can use. For example, there’s a personal mailbox and a business mailbox. 

A personal mailbox is the one that individuals own, and they use it for receiving their mail and packages. A business mailbox, on the other hand, is the one that gives a business an edge with an actual street address, and business owners use it.

How Much is a UPS Mailbox?

The average cost of UPS mailbox is $10 to $50, but this highly depends on your location, size of the mailbox, and rental period. Check out UPS’s official website for more information about renting a private mailbox with them.

2-Get a virtual mailbox with a street address:

A more convenient and cheaper solution is getting a virtual mailbox. This doesn’t only give you a real street address but also allows you to have access to your mail using your phone or any device. 

A virtual mailbox is an online digital mailbox that allows you to access your mail anytime, anywhere. 

Once you receive a mail, it will be scanned by secured mail facilities and uploaded to your mailbox. 

You’ll receive a text message or email notifications whenever you receive a mail so you can log in to your mailbox and see it. 

A virtual mailbox also gives you handling requests like open and scan, forward, recycle, archive, shred, or delete. 

Certified and trusted mail facilities will take care of your mail and packages. They also provide mail forwarding service, which allows your mails to be delivered wherever you are.

Renting your virtual mailbox can get done in 4 easy steps:

  •     First, choose your preferred plans and a mailbox address for as low as $10 per month
  •     Then fill out the USPS 1583 Form, a postal constant allowing a third party to receive and handle your mail. 
  •     When filled, get your 1583 form notarized and forwarded to PostScan Mail with two forms of ID. 
  •     Then apply for a change of address with USPS to have all your mail delivered to your new mailbox. Change of address costs $1.

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Wrap Up:

A virtual mailbox can be used as a virtual business address, shared on your website and social media platforms, and shared with your customers and investors. 

Renting a mailbox with a street address is as simple as ABC and can be done in less than a day with PostScan mail.

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