Updated on April 26th, 2023

A sign of a trendy business is that you empower your team through communication. Another sign of a trendy business is the number of innovative solutions a business use. Digital technology contributed to a real breakthrough in upgrading businesses.

Trendy apps can enable you to easily collaborate with your team and to track workflow wherever you are. Here are five hacks to make sure that your business is up-to-date with modern technological trends.

Do you have a paperless office?

Paperwork is increasing faster than digital technology can eliminate it! However, if your business is totally based on paperwork you need to consider other alternatives immediately. Imagine how organized and easier a paperless life can be.

Mainly, white sheets, printing ink cartridges and stationary cost a lot of money and add to business expenses. Through a good plan and a smart time tracker app, you can generate smart sheets, reports and payrolls.

You can also share them around through digital clouds and E-mails. This will automatically stop unnecessary printouts and wasting time on consuming work that can be accomplished easily through technology.

Time trackers help you to go green and reduce the amount of paper you use, because the proper use of technology gives better perspectives to contribute to nature. Make your business smart and green.

Does your business have a Remote Time Tracking system?

In case you need to be in office to keep workflow, it is time to consider some changes. As using a time tracking app can preserve energy on many levels. There will be no need for you to always be around your employees to make sure of their attendance and productivity.

You can follow all this wherever you are. A remote follow up saves your money, time and energy. If your time tracking method does not guarantee you a remote management, it is time for improvements.

You should also offer your employees innovation with office leaves, work from home and part-time jobs. You can set access points and shifts approvals, while your team preserves energy, stays more productive and works with pleasure.

Time trackers provide administrative and HR departments with notable relief and they can direct more energy and time for bigger and more important duties.

Best Communication tools for business

Team communication is another measurement for a trendy business. There are various communication tools which connect teams together wherever they are. Modern technology took conference calls and conversations from typing to advanced and high quality levels of face-to-face voice and video conferencing.

This grants accurate communication and correct transfer of information. Moreover, there are many free tools that provide good service while saving money and effort. Both sides of conversations can download the software to their desktops, laptops and mobile phone; so they can have access to conversations or hold new ones wherever they are.

Can your employees clock in or clock out using multi devices?

Going beyond the traditional signing in and out paper method is another trendy aspect. Employees should have a convenient solution for tracking their attendance and working hours.

Introduce your employees to a clocking in and out smart app like ClockIn Portal to use from their desktops, personal devices and mobile phones. This trend activates remote collaboration and increases productivity.

Employees will be able to work from home and it is perfect for part-timers and freelancers too. Such a smart indulgence grants the accuracy of calculating working hours and will ease payment and compensation processes. Both you and your employees will like it.

Do you consume time in handwriting and printing timesheets?

Technology in general makes life easier and offers solutions to drop down business problems to a minimal level. Using time management smart tools will act as a smart archiving process for your team.

You do not have to go through the same process every month to calculate and write down payments and compensations; you simply check over your app and follow the automatically generated reports and payrolls.

There is no more need for the burdening and long processes of handwriting, reviewing and printing timesheets, leaves, and payrolls. If your business still goes through these unfortunate series, it is due time you consider technological trends.

The essence of the modern world made it a restrain for business owners to go smart. Businesses have an incentive to persuade employers to accept trends of modern technology so that everybody can get to a fully digital approach and expect the whole world to admire and catch up with.

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