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Top 10 Tech Tools for a Paperless office

Paperless office

Paperless office

Back in 1988, Bill Gates debated that the vision of a paperless office was still very, very far away as computers were are not yet fulfilling this vision. Later, Microsoft was the first company to offer paperless proxy voting to employee shareholders.

Paper consumption, in general, is only a symptom of a bigger problem that administrative processes are complicated and time-consuming. In place of all that paper, more systems grew up to be far more accurate and far easier to work with and that empowered employees to do more interesting work.

Are you reluctant about how you can develop a paperless office? Here are our top ten tech tools for you. Because everything in life is a lot more fun when you treat challenges in a creative way.

1-Virtual postal mailbox:

Managing a remote business is significant marketing on many levels. You just need to keep the same work culture of an office-based business. You can achieve a lot by keeping a similar routine to when you are in the office, around your team.

Through a virtual postal mailbox you can check out all your mail without your inbox distracts your to-do list. Dealing with lots of E-mails while accomplishing tasks is not a burden any more as a virtual postal mail brings all your postal mail to your inbox and you pick what to check.

Keeping track of your mail reduces stress and keeps you connected with your life and business wherever on Earth you are.

2-Virtual shipping address:

A virtual shipping address is another privilege of a virtual postal mailbox. It enables you to benefit from all deals and enjoy shopping online.

You can enjoy all offers and seasonal promotions which do not support shipping to your country. A virtual shipping address grants you free storage and a fast shipping process. You can track all your packages till they arrive to your place.

Your virtual shipping address is a real address not just a mailbox. It provides you with real competitive shipping deals. Moreover, it brings together your small packages into one. You can also track your packages and enjoy the ultimate levels of privacy and security. Because you deserve to finish all your deals within a single click on your phone or laptop.

3-Time tracking app:

Online time-tracking software is a smart tool to track attendance and working hours. It is a brilliant solution for startups and growing businesses to track the attendance of their employees while staying paperless.

This software takes you to automated levels of accurate and easier management. They provide you with reliable access points, effective time tracking and user management options. You can also enjoy organized timesheets through easy online access.

It provides you with brilliant software to calculate payrolls and vacations. Time tracking, in general, helps you to enhance productivity and to manage your paperless business smoothly.

4-Digital storage:

Smart online storage enables you to keep all your documents and business content in one place. It collaborates between teams and makes it easier to communicate.

You can store any kind of content and it is accessible anywhere you are. Digital storage drives come with plenty of features; so you can manage your business better.

Many drives also provide you with a unique feature of documents, letters and receipts scanning and automatically storing them as PDFs. Storage drives are an effective solution to store, organize and share your documents.

5-Communication tools:

Organized team communication is an essential part of paperless business. Different communication tools enable you to organize your team conversations.

In addition, you can create different channels for each project, topic or team. You can hold conference calls and take a conversation from typing to face-to-face through voice and video conferencing.

This grants accurate communication and correct transmitting of information. Most of the communication tools enable you to preserve your conversations and important messages. In addition, you can download the applications to both your computer and mobile phone; so you have access to conversations or hold new ones.

6- Camscanner apps:

You need a scanner app to scan files and enhance PDFs. You can scan and save documents, content, invoices, contracts, bank statements, whiteboards, and many other files.

These applications keep you organized and you can access your documents at any time and wherever you are. Because it is time to throw away your scanning machine!

7-Prevent identity theft apps:

One real security hack you need in order to maintain a proper paperless office is protecting your business from identity theft. Technological thefts and smart crimes are becoming very redundant, that why you need to keep a strong eye on your personal data.

Many smart apps can help you to protect your credits and records of dealings. Some of these apps are even paid to assure you receive a more satisfactory service.

8-Credit Card payment Readers:

To lead a better paperless office you will need a smart credit card processing app. These apps allow you to handle full and partial refunds. While all your team has their mobile phones, they can set up the app you choose and charge on all typed-in credit cards.

Users can also swipe cards or type-in accounts information. These tools offer innovative data tracking and search, in addition to emailing of receipts and handling refunds. The idea of recording transactions when offline and uploading them once there is a connection is another major privilege.

It is a convenient method to accomplish payments through notifications on your phone and scheduling your bills payment as well. These apps will enable you to develop your biller list and enjoy the convenience of paying from any of your bank accounts.

9-Digitize your business card:

Even while sailing into a new paperless world, business cards are still the identity cornerstone we use. Good news! There are plenty of apps that can read your paper business cards and convert them into a digital form.

These apps can read business cards in many world languages and provide you with creatively-designed cards. Some of these apps even use human intervention rather than technology to digitize business cards.

You no more have to keep cards in your pocket, they are always on your phone or laptop ready to be shared wherever you are.

10-Note taking apps: 

A paperless office means that there will be no room to write your thoughts and draw your plans using paper and memos. A user-friendly app can help you to record what is on your mind and remember all your tasks.

It enables you to create smart to-do lists and develop notes, illustrations, and innovative reminders easily. You can access your notes whenever you need them.

You can also share your notes and documents to collaborate effectively with your team. These smart apps enable you to keep organized and to manage your tasks in a more innovative way.

It is really a privilege to develop your bundle of favored tools that can compensate every single paper you use in the office. The rapid change in the modern world puts businesses in a circle of competence. You need to exceed in your business and spend less time and less energy. This is when modern technological tools can be your magic wand because technology is becoming the ultimate power tool.

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash


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