Updated on April 26th, 2023

Do you still check your mailbox for mail? If you’re a business, do you wait on government and legal paperwork to come in the mail? Waiting for mail is something of the past and so is paper mail.

As businesses thrive to achieve a paperless office using outstanding technology and automated machinery, paper mail is just another milestone to hit.

Upgrading from paper mail to virtual mail isn’t as hard as you may think, in fact, it’s a simple procedure that takes a few minutes to get done. Weird, huh?

Let me explain to you the major differences between snail mail  or smail and virtual mail so you will know why upgrading is a must.

What is virtual mail?

Virtual mail is receiving your postal mail digitally on your smartphone or computer. With clear digital scans of all your postal mail in a secure virtual mail box. No more mailman or paper cuts.

Virtual mail is for individuals, travelers, startups, home-based businesses, or large corporations, who are seeking a safer mail option.

Automating your postal mail means you’ll be able to log into your mailbox and handle your mail at any time, from anywhere.

All you need is an internet connection to access and control your mail.

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Virtual Mail vs. Paper Mail: 

1. Mail Security?

We’re tackling mail security as our first point because it may just be the most important.

Your postal mail should only be viewed by you. If a bill or credit card statement falls into the wrong hands, you can be at a risk of identity theft.

Instead of having your mail waiting for you in the mailbox, your mail will be delivered to secured mail facilities, only handled by trained mail professionals.

All packages are handled with caution and stored in lockers until you need them forwarded.

As for businesses, you shouldn’t jeopardize important documents or invoices by having it unattended in the mailroom; you can virtually access it and use the advanced shedding feature to ensure your security.

With the shredding & recycling option, all mail pieces you no longer need can be shredded with a simple request.

2. Faster mail sorting & handling

Your mail is received at mail facilities and the envelopes are scanned, then you get notifications with all new mail and the scans are uploaded to your mailbox.

You log into your account and send out handling requests. They vary from open & scan, forward, shred & recycle, or archive.

All your postal mail will be handled efficiently and you’ll have a clean and organized mailbox within a few minutes. You no longer need to sort through multiple envelopes and figure out what to do next.

3. Save money on mail

Virtual mail means you won’t need all the expenses that come with a mailroom. Usual mailrooms require printers, scanners, paper storage, and mailroom operators.

With a virtual mailbox, all employees can be recipients and receive their mail separately.

A virtual mailbox is a cost-effective solution that lets you handle your mail faster.

4. Never lose mail again

Losing an important mail piece can cause problems in your business and with your customers. If your paper mail is placed in piles everywhere, you can easily lose your mail.

With a virtual mailing address service, all your scanned mail is archived electronically in your mailbox.

Whenever you need mail, you’ll easily be able to pull it out with a quick search. Navigating through your mailbox will be as simple as your email; you can create folders for mail, search and mark items as important, and more.

As for your packages, they will be safely stored waiting for you to forward to your address.

5. 24/7 remote mail access & management

Enjoy 24/7 access to your postal mail, wherever you are. Your mail can be left unattended if you’re traveling, not in the office, or simply busy.

Now being able to check and handle your mail through your phone, you can respond to customers faster and handle all your mail once you receive it.

Manage your mail remotely and never waste time sorting through it again by turning your paper mail into virtual mail.

PostScan Mail can help you achieve this and transform your business completely from a paper-dependent environment to a paperless office!

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Virtual Mail Vs. Paper Mail

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