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How Could You Benefit from Using Virtual Services?

Virtual Services

In the digital age, small businesses, startups, and online or home-based businesses now have the tools and services to look professional and are better able to compete with corporations and larger businesses.

There’s a solution for almost any problem you may come across, whether it’s finding an optimized phone system, a commercial business address, or a virtual receptionist to forward your calls.

Virtual services include various tech, administrative, and support services that can be done remotely online, through your phone or computer.

This allows you to outsource the tasks that you don’t have the personnel, time, or office space for; you won’t need to hire someone for the job and it’ll save you money. Today we’ll go through the top virtual services that you can use to optimize your business.

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How can you benefit from virtual services?

1. Virtual Receptionist/ Assistant

Instead of hiring a full-time receptionist to answer phone calls and do other administrative tasks, you can get a virtual receptionist,

which is a real receptionist working externally that answers phone calls, forwards calls, takes caller information, transfers calls, and some of these services also take it a step further and receptionist can answer FAQs, problem shoot, and offer chat support as well.

This is a great solution for small businesses that can’t hire an in-house receptionist because it can be expensive and is time-consuming as you need to train the receptionist.

With a fraction of the cost, you can use this service for high-quality customer service through trained and professional receptionists.

2. Virtual Phone System

A virtual phone system can help put online businesses or home-based businesses on the map; separate your personal and business calls without having to use multiple phones!

A virtual phone number can be a local number or a toll-free number; with its flexibility, you are able to use it from both your cellphone and computer.

You can work remotely and still maintain a professional appearance with a virtual phone system. A toll-free number is a great marketing technique as it eases customers into calling you,

without wasting their money, and a local number will ensure your local presence. A virtual phone system allows you to create a business greeting, answer phone calls, forward or redirect calls, add extensions that allow multiple employees to use the same number, and record voice messages.

3. Virtual Fax

Virtual fax or an eFax is an eco-friendly alternative to a physical fax machine, as it doesn’t require hardware, paper, or ink. You can send digital documents in minutes through an online fax service to any fax number and any incoming faxes come as email attachments. This allows you to download, print, forward, or delete the faxes.

Virtual Faxing is a flexible and convenient way to store faxes because it allows you to easily download what you need online, instead of having piles of paper making a mess.

You can also send and receive faxes from anywhere, at any time, without needing to be in the office. Go green and lessen your usage of paper and save money at the same time by avoiding the expenses that come with a fax machine.

4. Virtual Mailbox

Virtual mailbox providers offer small businesses and startups convenience and a professional image. A virtual mailbox gives you a professional street address and allows you to open, organize, and archive all of your postal mail anywhere you have internet access.

Instead of opting for an overpriced mailroom in your office or crowding your home with piles of mail, you can sort it all online. With a virtual mailbox, whenever your mail is delivered to our secure mail facilities, you receive an instant notification about your new mail with a scanned picture of the envelope.

You are then able to send out real-time action requests including open & scans, mail forwarding, shredding, recycling, and archiving. Multiple employees can use the same mailbox; you can set up automatic filters, create folders, and search for important mail.

With a real street address for business, you’ll gain credibility and maintain a professional image. PostScan Mail, for example, has over 400 addresses in commercial locations nationwide and internationally.

5. Virtual Office

If you’re interested in multiple virtual services, you can look into getting a virtual office. Virtual offices offer you a virtual business address with physical space that you can use for meetings and conferences. This way you’ll have a corporate space to meet clients and partners when needed.

However, a virtual office may be overpriced if you only need a professional business address for your LLC or home-based business. In this case, getting a virtual mailbox with a real street address is your best option.

You can even use this address as a registered agent and on your website and social accounts as your business address.

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 And finally, embrace the future

Utilizing virtual services won’t only give your business an edge over your competitors, it’ll also encourage a smooth workflow and efficiency within your business.


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