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How to Save Money While Using Package Forwarding Services

Package Forwarding

When shopping online or sending packages outside of the US, one concern we always have is affordability. With international shipping rates skyrocketing more than ever before, we often find ourselves discouraged by packaging fees, insurance, duties, and customs fees. A package forwarding service is an excellent way to ensure that your shipments and shopping sprees don’t break the bank!

When is Package Forwarding needed?


Who offers the most affordable Package Forwarding Services?


One of the most cost-effective options is having the package sent to a friend or family member and then having them forward it to you.

If you have a stable address to deliver your packages to, you can just have your friendship the packages immediately.

However, this may be inconvenient for the person receiving your packages if it happens too frequently. Furthermore, it isn’t the safest option as there is no guarantee your friend will always be home to receive your packages.


A package forwarding service allows you to easily purchase and ship items within the U.S. before shipping them internationally. You can store your packages, have them consolidated, and ship them to any local or international address.

PackageGO stands out from other competitors due to its free 30-day package storage. This allows you to easily wait for your packages to be consolidated into one.

PackageGO’s forwarding service can be used easily by online shoppers, travelers, RV owners, business owners, and anyone looking for a convenient package forwarding solution!

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PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail provides great value when shopping and shipping to any state that has little to no sales tax. Once the package arrives at its destination, you can easily forward it to a location of your choosing.

PostScan Mail offers free package storage for 7 days. This is on top of the already included virtual mailbox that is indispensable to virtual nomads and remote businesses alike.

You will receive instant notifications for all new packages received and you can view the package label from within your account. You can also consolidate your packages into a single package for lower shipping fees when forwarding to any domestic or international address.

Ensure convenience and cost-effectiveness by choosing from multiple shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx with real time shipping rates from within the app.

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How can a Package Forwarding Service help save you money? 

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