Updated on September 23rd, 2021

The space your business occupies is becoming more irrelevant in today’s technology-driven world, which is great for both you and your clients.

How can virtual office open new opportunities for your business?

As Millennials enter the workforce and start companies of their own,  having grown up with the internet they are less fearful of utilizing it for not only growing their business but running it as well. The Internet is great for marketing your business and can be even better for running it all together.

If you are using the Internet to run and market your business, the need for a brick and mortar location is less necessary than it was even five years ago.

That doesn’t mean you have to run your business from your home, or that new start-up businesses are being run from a spare bedroom converted into an office. In many cases, these companies are being run from a virtual office.

Using a virtual office space, you still have a physical place to go to work, but your employees can work off-site from wherever is best for the company and the worker. You have a virtual office address and the amenities that make holding meetings convenient, without the cost of a huge space that will house all of your employees.

You’ll also be able to hold meetings over the Internet using FaceTime, Skype, or the video chat method of your choice.

This enables you to reach more clients than if you were in a single location, where most of your clients would have to be local or willing to travel to you, or you would have the added expense of traveling to them. Increasing the number of clients you’re able to serve only brings your company more revenue.

If your client base is predominantly baby boomers, don’t be afraid to introduce video conferencing to them. You’d be surprised to learn just how many of them are open to the idea of learning new technology, even if they’re slightly afraid to try it.

We would suggest adding a tutorial page to your website explaining how the video conferencing works, and be sure to offer support for anyone who is unsure of how to set it up or use it.

As long as you’re upfront about how you prefer to have client meetings, and in some instances willing to be a bit flexible and perhaps do initial consultations in person, when possible, there is no reason using the Internet and a virtual office won’t benefit your business.

Using video conferencing makes meetings more convenient for your clients as well, they won’t have to deal with traffic or parking, so that 30-minute meeting for you is also a 30-minute meeting for them.

Since you‘re running your office virtually you probably don’t need many full-time in-office employees, but on days where you are holding client meetings, you may consider using a temp agency to get a qualified person to run your reception area if your virtual office location does not already offer that service.

You can use virtual assistants to handle day to day tasks, such as giving support to clients who are having trouble figuring out the video chat platform, handling your emails, or even running your social media.

It can be concerning that when choosing to go with a virtual office, you potentially could lose the benefit of having your employees together to collaborate on projects.

This can also be eliminated using video conferencing and screen sharing software. You can have the same collaborative work environment, even with your employees being on different continents.

As technology advances, the newest opportunity out there actually could replace the virtual office with a VR Office. Virtual Reality technology is starting to create an even bigger opportunity for people who want to run their businesses online and not sacrifice the important aspect of human interaction.

There is already a platform to do this called Bigscreen. This technology, while awesome, may still be a little new to consider switching to just yet, the cost of the equipment alone may be prohibitive to small or new companies and the technology is so new that relying on it exclusively for your business might be a bit risky.

It could be easily implemented into your existing virtual office though if you’d simply like to test it out.

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