Updated on January 10th, 2023

Despite the coming of email, we still receive some traditional mail. Usually, letters or documents from the government, job offers, University acceptance letters, or some business documents. At times, a loved one might decide to go back to the 90s and send us a written letter.

While some of the Mail and parcels you receive from USPS are something you can patiently wait for to be delivered, others are vital that we need to track them and see when they’ll be delivered. For example, if you’re waiting to receive a University acceptance or job offer letter, you’ll be too curious to be left without a clue of when they’ll be delivered. But what if you can track down the Mail as it journeys to your location? Fine, right? That’s why the postal service brought the USPs tracking system.

Gone are the days when you’ll spend the whole week waiting for that precious package or Mail to be delivered. The USPS Tracking system allows you to easily follow up as your package journeys to you or the receiver.

Well, you shouldn’t expect less from USPS as they’re always known to offer the very best to their customers. No wonder it handles over 2.4 billion deliveries around the world.

Whether you’re an individual that frequently sends Mail, an avid shopper that always has packages on the way, or a business owner that receives/sends Mail and packages to clients and business associates, the USPS tracking system will surely be of help to you.

Today’s piece dissects all you need to know about the USPS tracking system and how it works.

We’ll answer all your questions here and even more! So dive in. Let’s start!

What is USPS Tracking?

The USPS Tracking Service is a tool that allows you to track the journey of your Mail or package. It is available for most domestic products that have reached a certain size and are sent to domestic locations, including items sent to Fleet Post Offices (FPOs), Army Post Offices (APOs), Diplomatic Post Offices (DPO) locations, and all zip codes within the U.S. territories and Freely the Associate States.

Once you input the tracking number of your Mail on the USPS tracking software, you’ll see the latest status of your Mail and other relevant tracking information, like the date and time of delivery. If available, you’ll be shown the delivery location of your Mail (reception desk, P.O. box, etc.).

While the USPS tracking system updates itself continuously to give you the most current information about your Mail or package, it doesn’t guarantee delivery of your item.

USPS doesn’t charge an additional cost for the Tracking of mailpiece or packages that automatically comes with the USPS tracking. Generally, you pay for the postage of your item, and a tracking number comes with it, except if you’re shipping USPS Marketing Mail. You’ll be charged an additional fee if you want to add USPS Tracking to such parcels.

The main thing you need to track your Mail or package is to get a Tracking Number. Once you have that, tracking down your Mail and packages is effortless.

But what if you’re shipping products internationally? Will you be able to track them? There’s a USPS International Tracking Service for most international products, but certain restrictions exist.

What of our everyday First Class Mail? We are sorry that USPS doesn’t provide free end-to-end Tracking for First Class Mail. You can buy an Extra Service to get tracking information for your parcel.


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What is USPS Tracking Plus?

USPS Tracking Plus is a paid service of the USPS Tracking System. It allows customers to extend access to specific tracking histories for up to a decade on domestic shipping and about 7 years for international shipping as of 2022.

The service also allows customers to access these tracking statements even after their Plus Access has ended.

Available Retention Timelines for USPS Tracking Plus® History
Packages without a Signature Packages with a Signature Fee
6 months See Notice 123
1 year
3 years 3 years
5 years 5 years
7 years 7 years
10 years* 10 years*
*Available for Domestic Products Only


The USPS domestic shipping classes that are eligible for this service include,

  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Express
  • First Class Packages
  • USPS Marketing Mail parcels
  • USPS Marketing Mail Non-profit Parcels
  • Adult Signature
  • Library Mail
  • Media Mail
  • Parcel Select
  • Parcel Select Lightweight

The International Shipping Classes that are eligible for this service include:

  • Priority Mail International
  • Priority Mail Express International
  • First Class Package International. 


It’s worth noting that not all these shipping classes allow extended tracking history for ten years. For some, it’s seven, or six years, while for some, it’s as little as a few months or a year. 

Also, USPS Tracking Plus doesn’t have fixed pricing; you’ll be charged based on how long you want to keep your tracking records; the pricing starts from $0.99 up to $6.75. This service doesn’t come with a refund, so once you’ve purchased it, there’s no going back.

Furthermore, there are other services you can request as a Tracking Plus Customer, such as a signed letter and Statement of Tracking. These services can be used forever as a tracking record even after your Tracking Plus expiration. 

How Long Does USPS Keeps Tracking Info?

The duration of which USPS keeps the tracking info of your mail piece depends on its class and service. Below is a breakdown:

Mail Class and Service  Tracking Record Duration
Adult Signature Restricted or Adult Signature Required  2 years
Registered Mail Service 2 years
Numbered International Mail service  2 years
Priority Mail Express Service 2 years
Certified Mail Service 2 years
Signature Confirmation Service 1 year 
USPS Tracking Service  


How Does USPS Tracking Work?

The USPS Tracking System for Mail and packages follows a simple hierarchy. First, the label of your item is scanned severally through the USPS Mailstream

Tracking of your package starts once the sender or shipping partner informs USPS that there’s Mail or package on its way. 

The tracking info will keep updating as USPS accepts the item from one Transit to another and will end when the parcel is delivered or picked up by the recipient.

If you have the item’s tracking number, you can access the journey of your Mail or package throughout these processes. 


How to Track USPS Package

Using the USPS Track and confirm tool, USPS has made it easy for users to keep track of their domestic and international packages. 

Once you input your tracking number into the tracking website, you’ll be able to review the status of your shipment. You can take certain actions depending on your item’s class, state, origin, and destination. You can check the tracking history of your shipment and see the features and services that are associated with it. 

Other ways to track your USPS shipments are:

  • Calling USPS at 1-800-222-1811.
  • By sending a text message to 28777 with your tracking number as the content of the message.
  • By using the USPS mobile app, which is available on both Playstore and Appstore.

Keeping your tracking number secure is important as there’s no way to recover it; not even a USPS agent can help you. 

But we have a tip: you can easily track your packages without a tracking number when you sign up for informed delivery. A knowledgeable delivery account lets you preview your emails and digitally manage and track package deliveries. What more? You’ll enjoy all these services free of charge.

Also, if you’re the Mail receiver and don’t have a tracking number, you can ask the sender to provide you with it to monitor the parcel’s journey to your doorstep. 

Track Sys

What is a USPS Tracking Number?

A USPS tracking number is the number that’s assigned to parcels and packages when they are shipped. Tracking numbers help you know the location and when to expect deliveries.

Each USPS tracking number is unique and assigned to an individual mail or package. They’re mostly printed on the shipping label or as a barcode.

This barcode is continuously scanned as it journeys from the USPS warehouse to your delivery location. The tracking information is updated every time the tracking number is scanned.


How many Digits are in a USPS Tracking Number

The USPS tracking number is made up of 22 digits that are arranged in groups of four units, for example, 9400 1234, 5678 999,9 8765 00

However, there are other formats of tracking numbers; for example, some start with ‘C.P.’ or ‘E.P.’ to indicate that the shipment is international.


What do USPS tracking numbers start with?

Every tracking number’s first four or five digits indicate the service code. These numbers hint at the mail service you’re using to ship that particular item.

There are over a hundred service codes that denote all the USPS mail services. Below are some:

Service  Sample number
USPS Tracking® 9400 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
Priority Mail® 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00
Certified Mail® 9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
Collect On Delivery Hold For Pickup 9303 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
Global Express Guaranteed® 82 000 000 00
Priority Mail Express International® EC 000 000 000 US
Priority Mail Express® 9270 1000 0000 0000 0000 00, EA 000 000 000 US
Priority Mail International® CP 000 000 000 US
Registered Mail™ 9208 8000 0000 0000 0000 00
Signature Confirmation™ 9202 1000 0000 0000 0000 00


How to Find USPS Tracking Number

Typically, you’ll have your tracking number displayed on the receipt you were given when you handed over your package or parcel to USPS. You will also receive a USPS confirmation mail that includes your tracking number. 

You can also find your tracking number on your sales receipt if you bought insurance at the local post office. Or on the online label record if you pay for the postage online. 

The tracking number is also on the barcode of your shipment though it’s hard to have this. If you shop from an online retailer, they will likely include a tracking number when sending your order confirmation. 

You can also check the bottom peel-off of your USPS Tracking Label for the tracking number. 

It would be good to write your tracking number so you’d have another copy in case you lost it. 


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Where is the Tracking Number on a USPS Receipt?

The tracking number is found at the bottom of your USPS sales receipt. 

When you visit any local post office to mail a package or Mail, you’ll be given a receipt for your purchase. Once you check the bottom of the receipt, you’ll see the tracking number. 


How to get A USPS Tracking Number?

Maybe you didn’t receive a tracking number but want one for your item. Probably, USPS didn’t give you a tracking number because the item you ship or the mail service you use doesn’t come with a tracking number. Such items include:

  • First-Class Mail letters.
  • Flats.
  • Periodicals & Postcards.
  • Some USPS Marketing Mail parcels.

If your shipment isn’t one of these, here are some tips: If you’re the sender, check the bottom of your USPS sales receipts, the confirmation email sent to you by USPS, or the service you used to purchase your postage online.

If you’re the recipient, ask your sender to provide you with the tracking number and use your informed delivery account to check.

When you ship an item and track it, consider adding an extra service to your First-Class Mail letter or flat to make it eligible for USPS Tracking Mail as a Priority Mail letter.


What does “information available soon” mean on USPS Tracking?

If the status of your shipment keeps saying ‘information available soon,’ it’s probably due to one of these reasons: the current location of your shipment isn’t known or hasn’t changed recently. Or your shipment hasn’t been scanned, so there’s no tracking information. Your shipment has arrived for delivery but has not been sent out. Check back soon, and don’t fret; USPS will update your tracking information as soon as an update is available.


USPS Tracking Statuses

When you start tracking your Mail or package on USPS, your tracking statuses will change considerably over time as your shipment progresses to the delivery location. Down below is a list of some common USPS tracking statuses and their meaning:

1. USPS Pre-Shipment:

This status indicates that the Pre-shipment info of your parcel is sent to USPS. This indicates the postal service has received the electronic transmission of your shipping information from the shipper. Generally, pre-shipment either shows that USPS hasn’t received your package but is aware of it, or a label has been created for your package, but it’s yet to be scanned.

2. USPS In-Transit

The tracking status in Transit is classified into several classes viz:

    • Arrival at a unit: this shows your package has reached the post office in charge of its delivery on the expected date. Also, USPS has fixed a time for its delivery.
    • Departed USPS Facility: this shows the item has been shipped from the shipment. USPS will inform you about the zip code of the package, city, and state.
    • Processed at USPS Destination Facility: USPS is ready to ship the package to the destination hub. Like in the departed facility state, you’ll be shown the zip code, city, and state of the package.
    • Arriving Late: this indicates that USPS won’t be able to deliver your package on the expected date.
    • Outbound of U.S. Customs: this shows the customs are done with the package, and it is all set to be shipped internationally.

3. USPS Out of Delivery

Out of Delivery status shows that USPS has sent your shipment for delivery. Hence, you will be able to receive your package on the expected delivery date.

4. USPS Delivered

If your tracking status shows “Delivered,” your package has been delivered without issues. Here are some sub-Statuses under USPS Delivered:

    • Picked Up: The receiver has picked up the package from their local post office.
    • Delivered to an Agent: This suggests it has been done by an agent residing in the same building or institution, like a hospital, condominium, or university. In this case, the agent’s address is the same as the address of the receiver.

5. USPS Accepted at Destination

If your tracking status reads ‘Accepted at Destination,’ it shows that your package has safely arrived at a local USPS post office or facility. Here are some possible options under USPS Accepted:

    • Origin Accepted: USPS has accepted the package at the sorting hub. USPS selects this hub to the zip code of your package. 
    • USPS in Possession of Item: This shows that USPS tracking has received your package.
    • Accepted at USPS Facility: USPS has accepted your package at the USPS processing hub. USPS then designates this hub to your package’s zip code.

6. USPS Available for Pick up:

If your tracking status shows ‘Available for Pickup,’ it indicates that the package receiver can collect the package from the local post office or USPS facility until it is still delivered.

7. Delivery Attempt:

This indicates that there was an attempt to deliver your package, but it wasn’t successful. Here are some possible statuses under Delivery attempt:

    • Held at Post Office: the package is kept at the USPS Post office on request from the receiver. 
    • Receptacle Blocked: This shows that some inescapable situations like bad weather, or so has blocked the road to the delivery location.
    • No Secure Location Available: your tracking status will show this when USPS has not found a secured location to deliver your package. 
    • No authorized recipient available: shows the package receivers aren’t known. It mostly happens in cases of Mail that require signature confirmations. 
    • No access: this indicates that USPS staffs aren’t able to access the destination of the delivery. 

8. USPS Alert

Below are some possible statuses under USPS Alert.

    • Awaiting delivery scan: the receiver has not confirmed acceptance of the package after 14 hours of sending it out for delivery.
    • Refused: the receiver has rejected the package during delivery.
    • Unable to deliver problem with address: USPS wasn’t able to deliver the package because the address was wrong
    • Forwarded: the receiver has forwarded the package to a new address.
    • Sent to recovery mail: USPS couldn’t deliver, forward, or return the package. As such, it has been sent to the Mail recovery center.

9. USPS Return to Sender

Below are some possible statuses under USPS return to sender;

    • No such number: some of the address or zip code is missing. 
    • Insufficient address: USPS doesn’t have sufficient information about the delivery address.
    • Moved, left no address: The Mail receiver has moved recently and hasn’t updated their mailing address.
    • Unspecified: USPS is sending the package back to the sender. Although the reason isn’t specified, it mainly occurs when the receiver isn’t found or is no more.


Which USPS Services Offer Tracking?

All USPS services offer to track. However, some offer free Tracking while others have it included at a price – meaning you’d have to pay an additional fee for the Tracking. 

But if you’re shipping with USPS internationally, not all packages can be tracked after they’ve left the United States, as each nation has unique scanning capabilities and regulations. This is applicable even if you have a tracking number. 

The table below shows the services that include tracking:

Service Name Type of Service Shipping Time USPS Tracking
Priority Mail Express Domestic Overnight Included
Priority Mail Domestic 1-3 Days Included
First-Class Mail Domestic 2-3 Days Included (Packages Only)
USPS Retail Ground Domestic 2-8 Days Included
Media Mail Domestic 2-8 Days Included
Priority Mail Express International International 3-5 Days Included
Priority Mail International International 6-10 Days Included
First-Class Mail International International Varies Available
First-Class Package International International Varies Available


How To Track a USPS Package Without Tracking Number?

You need a tracking number to track your Mail or package. We keep stressing you keep your tracking number securely because there’s no way to get it if you lost it. Not even a USPS agent can help you recover it.

If the package you’re expecting doesn’t arrive, you could file a Missing Mail Search Request. To do that, you’ll have to provide the sender’s address, the recipient, the date the Mail was sent out, and the description of the Mail or package. 

If you’re the mail receiver and don’t have a tracking number, ask the sender to provide it so you can track the package. 

However, there’s a simple way to track your package without a tracking number. USPS Informed Delivery is a service that allows you to preview your Mail, manage deliveries and track your shipments digitally. This service is free! 

Here’s a breakdown of how to set up an informed delivery account:

  • Sign up for Informed Delivery‘s Free section on the USPS website.
  • Enter your residential address to determine if it’s eligible for Informed Delivery.
  • If Informed Delivery is available in your location, log in to your USPS account and click on Informed Delivery on the top right of your profile page.
  • Enroll in the informed delivery box under “Account Management.”
  • Read the terms and conditions, click on the agree-on boxes and certify your address.
  • Select “Enroll in Informed Delivery” to continue.
  • You will then verify your identity either online or physically. If it’s online, an OTP will be sent to your number; if it’s physical, USPS will send an invite code to your residential address.

Once your Informed Delivery account is ready, you’ll be able to check the delivery state of Mail and packages, including their expected day of arrival. All your incoming Mail and package will be displayed on the secured online dashboard.

Also, the grayscale image of the address side of each letter-sized Mail will be uploaded for you to view. If you aren’t available to receive the package on the expected day of arrival, you can leave delivery instructions.

You could schedule redelivery via your informed delivery account if you missed a delivery.

The service can also send text or email notifications about the delivery status of your packages.


How Much Does USPS Tracking Cost?

USPS doesn’t charge additional costs for tracking items that automatically have Tracking. Once you pay for your package’s postage, Tracking is included except if you’re shipping first class mail, Priority Mail, or USPS Marketing Mail.

For the mailing service that does not automatically include USPS tracking, you can buy it at a meager price. For First Class, Priority, Mail, and Priority Mail Express, you’ll be charged only $1.05 per package if you’re paying at the Post Office Counter or $0.23 if you make an online purchase.

This Tracking must be added when shipping the package meaning you cannot buy Tracking for shipped packages. Also, you can’t add Tracking to an already sent package.


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When Does USPS Update Tracking?

You might be wondering, when does USPS update its Tracking? USPS updates its tracking information within 24 to 48 hours.

In theory, USPS updates tracking information whenever your package is scanned at every major stage of its journey. Generally, packages are scanned when they’re accepted at the post office, when entering and leaving distribution centers, and when they are sent out for delivery. So, you expect your tracking information to update in all these locations.

However, in some circumstances, your tracking info will not update if the package isn’t scanned.

For example, during peak seasons, USPS staffs have millions of deliveries. As such, they’re very engaged and might not be able to scan all the packages.


Why is USPS Tracking not Updated?

At times we become so desperate to receive a package that we spend the whole week refreshing our tracking page. The most annoying thing at those moments is USPS not updating the tracking info. You might ask yourself, why is USPS not updating its tracking info, and what can you do about it? That’s what this section will discuss.

In some cases, it might be that you are entering the wrong tracking number. USPS provides a unique number for each shipment, so ensure you enter the exact tracking number you were given.

Here are some reasons why your USPS tracking info isn’t updating:

Unexpected Weather Conditions

Mother nature is unpredictable. In most cases, weather like floods, tornadoes, storms, heavy rainfall, earthquakes, or hurricanes is why USPS tracking info is not updated. Such harsh weather conditions slow down the processing of Mail, thus stopping your Mail from leaving the USPS facility. Therefore, your shipment will be stuck in that destination longer than expected, causing the tracking updates to be the same for some days.

For example, if you sent out a package from Jacksonville to California City, there are multiple locations to stop on the way. Therefore, there is a high chance your mail pieces will encounter several weather conditions, from scorching sun to heavy rainfall. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising if your mailpiece got stuck in a location for several days and wasn’t delivered on the expected date. Therefore, you should know the climate changes in the location you’re sending a package to prevent yourself from worrying about tracking info not changing.

Another way harsh weather conditions can affect your delivery process is when the barcodes of your package get damaged. If such happens, USPS staff won’t be able to scan your package again, thus leading to your tracking info not updating.

Mail Not Updated or Scanned?

Another possible reason your USPS tracking isn’t updating is that the staff missed your package while scanning. It might also be possible that the carrier might have forgotten to update your item information every step of the way. Thus, your tracking info will only get updated when your courier updates It. Though this hardly happens, you can expect it to be why your tracking update is not changing.

USPS does an excellent job of scanning almost all the mail items that enter their facility. They use batch scanning to update the details of mail pieces in groups.

Also, some USPS employees do not scan your Mail and packages at the time of their arrival at the postal outlet. Instead, they’ll do so when the items leave, causing delays in updating tracking info.

Packaged Delayed or Not Moving

Many USPS customers ask how often does tracking status update. As discussed earlier. USPS updates tracking status between 24 to 48 hours.

In some cases, the update time might be less or more, depending on the time of the year. Almost everyone sends holiday greetings or gifts to their loved ones during the holiday season. Also, businesses and companies send season sale coupons, holiday greetings, and discount offers to persuade customers to make purchases. During those times, USPS faces a high increase in incoming Mail and packages, especially from Thanksgiving to New Year.

Generally, USPS increases its number of staff during these seasons to meet up with the high demands. Still, some mail items won’t be processed quickly. Therefore, if your USPS tracking info isn’t updating, there’s a high chance your shipment hasn’t started moving yet.

Other than logjam, other reasons why your Mail may be delayed include:

    • Vehicle malfunction
    • Unescapable issues from the driver
    • Flat tires and the likes

USPS tried its best to fix such issues as quickly as possible, but it may affect the mailing process for hours or days. This leads to your tracking status not updating frequently.

Package Lost in Transit

Despite trying its best, there are some cases where USPS won’t be able to deliver Mail to its destination. Some packages got lost in Transit or were misplaced, especially those shipped with an incorrect address.

Mail and packages with wrong addresses get lost often because USPS staff don’t know exactly where their destination is. They confuse workers and lead to problems like delays or mail loss. Though USPS might try to send the package back to the sender, you might not be so lucky at times as the package can get lost.

Thus, incorrect Mail might be why your USPS tracking isn’t updating – so always check the address twice before we mail it.

Wrong addresses aren’t the only cause of lost Mail; other uncontrollable reasons might lead to that. For example, postal equipment might fall off the conveyor belt or get destroyed. In such cases, your tracking info will stop updating.

Package Already Delivered

If your USPS tracking has been stuck for several days without changing, the reason might be the package or mailpiece has been delivered already.

Generally, the USPS mailman needs to update the tracking information to ‘Delivered’ after dropping off the item in your mailbox. As humans, they sometimes forget to update the delivery status.

This isn’t a big problem, as USPS staff will update the status in no time. Mostly, the status will change to out for delivery in a few hours. If not, consider contacting the recipient if they’re received the package.

In some cases, the mail carrier might not be able to scan your package because of the damaged barcode. As said earlier, a package’s barcode can get damaged due to harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, USPS states that some packages are only scanned after delivery. Thus, your tracking info might not update throughout the journey but will automatically change to ‘delivered’ once the recipient gets the package. This happens mainly in the case of First Class Mail – the making service that doesn’t offer package tracking except if you’ll pay for it or couple it with a Registered Mail or Certified Mail.


What can I do If my USPS Tracking Information isn’t Updating?

You can’t just sit back while the tracking info of your precious package isn’t updating. This section will discuss some simple and quick steps to follow when your package tracking information isn’t updating.

Be Patient and Wait Few Days

Well, the first thing to do when the tracking status of your package isn’t updating is to be patient for a few days to see whether the package will be delivered. Often, there’s no need to panic when the tracking info doesn’t update for a day. As explained above, it might be because of petty reasons like delayed scanning. If your package isn’t scanned at that time, it might be done in the next few hours or a day. So, keep checking back after hours to see if it has been updated. 

You should calculate the day you mailed the package and add five days to the expected delivery date. Within that period, if your package isn’t lost, the tracking info will update, or it will reach your destination. 

If nothing happens within that time, then you can contact USPS

Visit your Local Post Office

If you prefer to have a physical conversation with the Postal workers and inquire why your tracking info isn’t updating, consider going to your local USPS post office. Most people prefer face-to-face conversations as they feel their problems will be solved more quickly. We also agree it’s the best option, especially if your post office is just a stone’s throw away.

Don’t forget to carry your mailing receipt to provide the USPS staff with your package details. Without this, they can’t help search for your package and locate its Transit.

If you’re too busy to visit the post office or aren’t the outdoor type, there are other options! However, be patient with USPS as they deal with hundreds of thousands of mails and packages daily, so we shouldn’t be surprised when there are minor drawbacks.

Contact the USPS Customer Service

Calling USPS is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to inquire about the well-being of your package. This option is also the best for those who have other questions or need more details about their shipment.

Simply call 1800 275 8777 to contact the USPS customer service team. This way, you’ll be able to discuss your problems and give the staff your mailing details, and they’ll help fetch some information about your Mail. The customer service representative who talks to you might ask you to give them a few minutes or some hours to get back to you, depending on how busy they are and the information they have at their disposal.

USPS has provided two phone numbers that you can call depending on your needs. Call 1800 222 1811 for delivery issues and 1800 344 7779 for technical support. By calling any of these lines or sending an email to USPS, you’ll be able to know why your tracking info isn’t updating.

Ensure You are Inputting the Correct Tracking Number

Inputting the right tracking number is the only way you’ll be able to see the updated delivery status of your package. Sometimes, you mistakenly input the wrong digit, which is why your tracking status is invalid or not updated.

Therefore, if your tracking info hasn’t been updated for some days, cross-check the tracking number to ensure you’re putting in the correct one.

You check your confirmation email or mail receipt for the correct tracking number. You can copy it directly from the email and paste it onto the USPS tracking website.

A tracking number is typically 20- 22 digits without any alphabet or symbol. Except in the case of Express mail, the tracking number is 13 digits and begins with the alphabet ‘U.S.’

If your mailman cannot deliver your Mail, they might drop an orange slip on your doorstep. This slip contains your tracking number, which you can use to check the destination of your package. Therefore, keep an eye out for such notices if your USPS tracking hasn’t been updated for days.


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Why Does My USPS Tracking Say Delivered but It Wasn’t?

We all know how exciting it can be to check your Mail and find that the long-awaited package or envelope has been delivered! But your joy is cut short when you check your mailbox, and it’s empty! That’s where the question, Why Does My USPS Tracking Say Delivered but It Wasn’t?

Well, if your tracking status shows delivered, but the package is yet to hit your doorstep, then there are certain things you should do before heading to the post office to complain.

First, you’ll check all the possible places that you except your mailman to drop the package.

In some cases, the package can be delivered by someone on your mail route that isn’t your regular mail carrier, and they may not know where your regular mailman usually keeps it.

There are a lot of cases in which the tracking status shows delivered, but people can’t find their package in their mailbox or beside the garage, only to find it left at another doorstep or somewhere they aren’t expecting.

Next, you’ll move on to check the current status of your Mail or package. There are several ways to do this – visit the USPS website, input your tracking number directly on Google, or check your informed delivery account.

This way, you’ll be able to confirm that your tracking info says the package has been delivered, not that it is out for delivery or it’s in Transit, but it has been dropped off for you.

If your tracking info shows delivered and checks thoroughly within the neighborhood but can’t find it, then it’s time to contact the post office.

You can call the USPS Customer Care Center at 1-800-275-8777 from Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8:30 PM, and on Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM EST. However, a quicker way to get help is by contacting your location’s closest local post office.

Why The Tracking System (PostScan Mail) Is The Best Solution For The USPS Tracking System

Who doesn’t want more convenience? Not me or you, I guess. With PostScan Mail, you’ll be able to avoid all the hassle of tracking Mail and packages and want to get authentic and automatic tracking updates of all your shipment. 

A virtual mailbox offers you an actual street address or a P.O. box address which can be used as a personal or business mailing address.

Whenever you have a new package or Mail, a picture of the envelope’s exterior will be sent to you. You choose how you want it handled – whether it is opened and scanned, forwarded to an address, shredded, or archived. All this will be done digitally using any internet-enabled device.

What more? PostScan Mail allows you to track down the journey of your packages and schedule deliveries or pick up. No more worries about missing or undelivered packages. 


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USPS insurance only contains scan information if bought for a mail class that supports USPS tracking.

Once you log into your Informed Delivery app, you’ll see the latest tracking information about all your incoming Mail and packages without inputting a tracking number.

USPS tracking is always up and running except for issues or network glitches. In such cases, refresh the page or try again later.

USPS First Class mail doesn’t include Tracking except if you’ll purchase the Tracking at an additional. On the other hand, Priority mail and Media mail include Tracking, thus allowing you to know the location of your packages.

Yes, USPS tracking is very accurate. It updates as soon as your package moves to the next sorting center.

No. USPS doesn’t allow customers to track their trucks or mail carriers for security reasons.

Yes. All USPS-certified Mail comes with a tracking number which can be found on the bottom of your payment receipt if you send the Mail at the post office.

No. A USPS package can only be tracked using the tracking number it comes with, not the address it is sent to. However, as discussed earlier, there are other ways to track your package without tracking numbers.

No. USPS tracking isn’t real-time. However, they try as much as possible to update your package’s tracking info whenever it reaches a new sorting center.

We are sorry that not even a USPS staff can help you get back your tracking number when you lost it. However, you can use informed delivery to check the status of your package. Also, you can check the confirmation mail you received from USPS after sending your package, as your tracking number is included there.

This means the receiver of the package has forwarded it to another address.

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