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USPS deals with millions of mails and packages daily; despite having a sound tracking system and hardworking teams, there are times when mistakes are inevitable. Therefore, customers sometimes experience problems like a package stuck in transit USPS without moving, a lost or damaged box, or even a USPS tracking system failure. 

If your USPS package is not moving, or you want to know what it means for a package to be stuck in transit, dive into this article.

This article will guide you on USPS Package Not Moving. Let’s go!


What Does Your Package Stick In Transit Means?

Package stuck in transit: you’ve checked your tracking information, but your package isn’t moving forward. If you’re an online store owner, your customer must have started feeling anxious about their order. 

Once USPS initiates delivering your package, it will be labeled ‘in transit.” When your package gets stuck, the tracking system will tell you your USPS shipment is stuck or in transit, or you’ll see a notification that reads, ‘Your package is moving within the USPS network and is on track to be delivered to its final destination.’

This means your package is still en route to being delivered, but USPS doesn’t know the exact location of your package at this time. The notification is there to reassure you that you’ll soon receive your packages, yet it reveals nothing. 

The journey of a USPS package begins with you dropping the package at a local post office. Next, the package is picked up by a USPS freight motorist who transports your package to the next destination. Your package will then be scanned before it’s uploaded onto the departing truck, and then it will show ‘in transit’ on your USPS tracking system. 

Your package is then taken to the Network Distribution Center (NDC). A sizeable regional office is responsible for routing emails to different locations. Once packages are sorted in NDC, they’ll be taken to the next depot or get sent out if they’re to be delivered to close locations. 

During this journey, your tracking system will keep updating the new location of your package once it’s scanned. Except if a box is not moving


Generally, when USPS says a package is stuck in transit, it means your package has not been scanned at any distribution depot in the last 24 hours; therefore, nobody knows the current location of your shipment. 


Why Is My Package Still In Transit USPS? Package Not Moving

Since USPS ships billions of mails yearly, it shouldn’t sound weird if some go missing. But then, that your package is stuck in transit doesn’t mean it’s lost. Here are possible reasons why your tracking system keeps saying your package is stuck in transit. 


1. Address Issues(Wrong/incomplete address)

One of the possible reasons why your package is stuck in transit is the wrong or incomplete address. If your sender misplaced a single digit from your zip code or didn’t write your address correctly, the merry journey of your package might be delayed. If this is your issue, contact USPS to update your address, and your package will continue its journey. 

To avoid this in the future, make sure you give your sender a correct address and if you’re the sender, ensure you write the address boldly and crosscheck it before sending the package to USPS. 


2. International Customs: International Shipping Delay

If your package is a cross-border shipment, it can get stuck at customs due to incomplete customs documents, unpaid taxes, or if your package contains prohibited items. 

Before sending out an international shipment, ensure there are no errors in the customs documents, you don’t have outstanding taxes, and the package doesn’t contain unlawful items. 


3. Package Was Lost in the Shipping Infrastructure (Shuffle, Misplaced, Mis-sorted, or Flat out Mismanaged)

With hundreds of packages passing through the USPS sorting facilities daily, your package might be in the wrong area. This usually occurs due to misplacement or missorting and can lead to the loss of a package. If so happens, don’t hesitate to file a claim and request a refund. 


4. Package Was Oversized or Overweight

If your package is heavier than its shipping label, the depot can halt its shipment until you pay the difference.


5. Package Was Lost in the Shipping Infrastructure

Since there are thousands of packages in USPS shipping infrastructures, a package can easily get lost, especially a small one. If you suspect your package has been lost, you can file a claim and request a refund of a USPS package lost. 


6. Weather and Traffic Delays

Environmental forces we can’t control can also result in delayed deliveries of packages. From bad weather to traffic, packages can get slowed down from reaching the next depot. Therefore, USPS will keep notifying your package isn’t moving. 


7. Improper packaging

If your package is poorly packaged, USPS might decide to halt its journey as it is considered unstable and dangerous. Therefore, ensure your packages are adequately packaged so breaky won’t get apart during their journey. 

Other points  should be aware:

  • Your tracking statuses may take up to 24-48 hours to update.
  • Refer to your estimated delivery example, if time. If you’ve shipped Overnight and it’s a day late, wait a day; the delay might be because of weather or traffic. But if it’s been four days, something is most definitely amiss.
  • Distance between distribution depots can be a thousand miles. This means it can take a couple of days in some cases for the tracking information to update, particularly with slower USPS delivery services. However, if you’re shipping a Priority Mail or First Class, it shouldn’t take more than 24 for your tracking system to update.


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USPS Tracking Info You Should Know

As your package journeys through USPS, your tracking system will keep updating you with information. Here’s what some of this information means:


Delivery Stats Not Updated

This message appears when your package is out for delivery, but the mailman doesn’t scan it after 14 hours. USPS automatically sets the message to show after 14 hours of non-scanning. There are a few reasons this message appears in your tracking system. It might be your mailman has reached the end of his shift and kept mail for delivery the next day or has forgotten your parcel in their van. It might also be the mailman is sick, on leave or the delivery van encountered an accident.


Receptacle Blocked

This means something had blocked your mailbox when the mailman came to deliver your package. It could be something as simple as a car or a trash bin, making it difficult for your carrier to provide. Therefore USPS requires you to clear your mailbox space to allow your mailman to pull up, deliver and drive off without much stress.


Delivery Delayed

This informs you that there’s a failure from the air carrier to deliver incoming mail and packages to the destination postal service facility within the time frame for that delivery.


No Delivery Access

This indicates that USPS couldn’t deliver the package to the address you provided; therefore, you’ve to change the address. 


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What should I Do If my USPS Package is Still Stuck In Transit USPS (package not moving)?

1. Check Your Delivery Standard

If your USPS package has stuck without moving for a while, start by checking the delivery standard of the mail class you choose. The list below will be helpful:

  1. First-Class Mail — 1 to 3 business days
  2. Priority Mail — 1, 2, or 3 business days
  3. Priority Mail Express — 1 to 2 calendar days
  4. USPS Retail Ground — 2 to 8 business days
  5. Media Mail — 2 to 8 business days
  6. Bound Printed Matter — 2 to 8 business days
  7. Parcel Select parcels — 2 to 9 business days
  8. Parcel Select Lightweight parcels — 2 to 9 business days
  9. USPS Marketing Mail — 3 to 10 business days


If you’ve waited longer than five days for the First class and priority mails and more than two weeks for the other mail classes, then something is amiss. Contact your Courier and inform them your USPS package is not moving or is stuck in transit. If your package or mail is lost, you can file a claim and request a refund from USPS.

Refer to the following for more information How to Find USPS Lost Packages or Missing Mail


2. Contact your Local Post Office

Go to your local post office and ask the staff to help you. Ensure you go with your phone to show them your tracking information. You can also call and ask to speak to the supervisor. The post office staffs usually have a lot of workloads to handle. Therefore, you’ve to be patient and friendly with them to complete your work.


3. File a Search Query Online and Follow Up

If your local post office staff cannot help you, the best thing is to submit a customer service request at the official USPS website.

USPS will inquire where your mail or package is and keep you updated with its findings via your email. This means USPS will search online and its physical locations to find your package. 

Hopefully, your package will be found, and USPS will send it to you. However, if you can’t find your shipment, quickly inform your receiver to see whether you’ll ship a replacement package for them or they’ll request a refund. If your load is insured and has reached a sure worth, file a claim, and you’ll receive compensation within some days.


Why Should You Use PSM Instead of USPS to Manage Your Mail?

What if we tell you there’s a better alternative to managing your mails than USPS. Yes, we agree that USPS is doing all it can to ensure they serve its customers to their satisfaction, but who wouldn’t want more convenience? I’m sure not me or you. 

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PSM also provides you with an actual street address which can help add to the image of your business and keeps your residential address private. You also have the chance to choose either an exact street address or a PO box address, depending on your needs and the type of business you’re managing.

With PostScan Mail, you can easily open, shred, recycle, or forward your mail using your device and internet connection. Using PostScan mail ensures you’re safe from mail theft and loss. Also, you’ll be able to forward your mails wherever you’re without having to go through the hassle of changing your address with USPS. So hurry up and Sign Up with PostScan Mail.

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