Updated on October 22nd, 2023

It can be quite frustrating when you find out that the delivery address you put on your online order is incorrect. Anyone can make a pretty common mistake in the shipping process, particularly if they relocate and forget to update their shipping address. 

However, this can be rectified depending on the time the error was discovered. The type of shipping company you operate also determines what happens next. 


What To Do Before Order Is Shipped

Now that you have accidentally placed an order for an item online with the wrong address.

What are your options?

The best place to start is finding the error early by forming the habit of cross-checking your order details immediately after payment. If your online order has not left the warehouse, you don’t need to panic. 

For example, you can edit your shipping address and replace the wrong address with the right one thanks to the address redirection agreement Amazon. But once your package hits the road, it gets a bit tricky to track down. Even if Amazon is the shipper or a third party like UPS or FedEx, it is challenging to change the delivery address. So, you risk having your Amazon package shipped to wrong address

What to do After Your Package Has Been Shipped

  1. Pay a little extra 
    Consider having your package rerouted to the right address at your own expense. You may be required to pay the Package Intercept fee, especially if you are using a courier service like USPS.

  2. Contact your local post office 
    Contact the destination local post office before the shipment arrives. They can help you intercept the item and return it to the sender. This works well if you are shipping within the United States. But be ready to tender proof of identification and previous address.

  3. Track Your Package
    If all the other options fall through, you can take it upon yourself to track down your package with the tracking number. If feasible, you can pick up your package at the wrong address.
    To track down your package, sign in to your Amazon Account: 

    1. Go to Your Orders 
    2. Select the particular order you want to track 
    3. Click on Track Package


  4. Contact Amazon
    Once you discover that your package is being shipped to the wrong address, report the issue immediately to Amazon. They know how to remedy your situation. By way of address, redirection agreement, amazon or its third-party agent will forward your package to the requested address.

The initial delivery date may be affected, plus extra re-shipping costs. You may need to wait for a couple of days as well. Hopefully, the person who stays in the place where your online order was delivered can take the package back to the post office or link up with you. 


How to Change Your Wrong Address 

Suppose you relocate to a new residence and forget to update your shipping address in your Amazon personal account. In that case, the courier is likely going to drop off your package at your former residence. 

To edit your incorrect address;

  • Sign in to your Amazon account
  • Go to Your Orders.
  • Click on the Order Details link for the information you want to change. 
  • Then, click CHANGE next to the details you want to edit (payment method, shipping address, gift options, etc.). There are on-screen instructions to guide you in editing your delivery address. Note, to cancel orders or items, go to Cancel Items or Orders. To add more items to your package, select Add to Upcoming Amazon Fresh Delivery.


However, if you are not comfortable sharing your home address online, you can use a virtual address that is your registered office address. This is commonly used by small business owners, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to keep the location of their residence or P.O box private. 

You can use your virtual address to receive emails and even feature it on legal documents and other registrations. Amazon might reject a virtual address that cannot be verified on bank account statements or utility bills during your address registration.


How To Avoid the Wrong Address Situation 

Here are a few tips that help you receive your package at the right address: 

  • Ensure you track your package from time to time 


  • Check the address properly before placing an order 


  • Double-check your street name and number, apartment number, or ZIP code before hitting your shipping button 


  • Keep the delivery date in mind 


  • Leave a forwarding address with your former residence or post office so they can alert you in the event of package delivery. 


  • Get insurance for the item to prevent it from getting lost or damaged in transit. 


  • Find out if your neighbors collected the package in your stead. The chances are that your item was wrongly delivered to your neighbor by the courier. Before taking further steps, try asking around in your neighborhood. 


  • Check the delivery area; There’s a likelihood that the courier dropped off your package in your garage way, backdoor, or even your porch while you weren’t away from home.




it’s not uncommon to find out that the shipping address attached to your online order is incorrect. If detected early, things won’t go bad. But most people don’t realize the error until after an order has been placed. 

In this situation, you may need more time, patience, and funds to get your package forwarded to the appropriate place. If the package is already on its way to the wrong address, just use the practicable tips highlighted above to ensure your order gets to you.


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Wrong Shipping Address On An Online Order

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