Updated on September 16th, 2022

The trend of virtual offices has spiked last year during the pandemic and is only growing as we continue to struggle to get back to “normal” while protecting the safety of our employees and customers.

However, many businesses have adopted new methods to cope with the pandemic, like embracing working remotely and utilizing virtual services like a virtual office.

But even before last year, online businesses, home-based businesses, startups, and even large companies understood the importance of needing a professional business address.

Many businesses thrive and grow by being based entirely online; we’ve witnessed this with Buffer and Zapier. And the pandemic forced many businesses to operate remotely and some big names even decided on continuing this strategy long-term like Amazon, Dropbox, and American Express.

A virtual office can offer you a business address to use is yours, space for meetings when needed, and other virtual services that’ll take your business to the next level.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a flexible workspace that provides businesses with in-person and virtual services without the need for traditional business expenses like office leasing.

Virtual office services can include virtual receptionists, virtual phone numbers, virtual fax numbers, and a virtual office address to receive mail and packages.

You can also rent a conference room or office space by the hour or day to conduct meetings and meet with your most valued clients. Virtual offices also offer a professional mailing address, unlike that of a PO Box or your home address and the resources it offers are helpful to any business’s growth.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Office?

1.Official Business Address

Virtual offices are often located in the most popular cities, making them a great opportunity for a professional business address. Home and online businesses can be successful but not having a professional business address can reflect poorly on your image.

Using a virtual address as your official business address allows you to feel confident in your professionalism.

2. Gain Credibility & Trust of Customers

When your customers search for your business online, you probably do not want your home address to pop up. Clients prefer an office address because it reflects stability and the ability to be able to trust you and your services.

A professional business address shows just how reliable you are, which would not only gain the trust of customers but partners and investors as well. And it won’t just be an address, if a customer decides to stop by or call, the office staff would be prepared to handle the situation.

3. Registered Agent Service

A registered agent is a real street address (cannot be a PO Box address) that is used to represent an LLC address in the same state the business is registered.

You can use a virtual office as your registered agent, all of your business mail like government documents or tax files will be delivered to this address. There will always be someone available to receive and sign for your packages and mail.

4. Utilize Services Accompanied with a Virtual Office

Besides taking advantage of virtual services like a phone number and fax number, you’ll have real receptionists transferring your calls and getting things done in real-time as well as office space whenever you need it.

Meeting a client or partner in a coffee shop isn’t a bad idea, but wouldn’t it be better to have a meeting in an office space with Wi-Fi, stationery, and any other tools you may need?

You can book a conference room (or a smaller workspace if needed) to meet with your staff, clients, or investors. Why spend money on an expensive office space every month when you can just rent the space for a few hours or the entire day?

5. Optimize Location’s SEO

One of the best perks of having a virtual business address in a commercial location, whether downtown or in the middle of a bustling city, is that you get to benefit from the proximity of this location in search engines.

Customers or potential investors often seek out businesses using the “near me” feature on Google and other search engines, why not use it to your own advantage?

6. Reduce Overhead Cost

A virtual office can help you save money by reducing the cost you spend on expensive office leases, hardware, utility bills, and any other expenses that come with a physical office.

Business Wire recently stated that many companies spend from 15% to 46% of their income on office rent alone. Instead, you can invest this money into your employees, customers, or business.

7. Protect Your Home Privacy

Using your home address online or as a business mailing address is never a good idea. Putting your home address online not only invades your privacy but it risks the safety of your home and family.

You don’t want a customer stopping by unexpectedly or partners sending you legal documents at home, where it can easily get lost. Using a virtual office assures your home’s privacy and instates your professionalism and credibility with customers.


A virtual office offers multiple benefits for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re looking for a corporate address or virtual tools to enhance your business.

If you’re only interested in building your professional image and only need a virtual business address, without the rest of the expenses of a virtual receptionist, virtual phone number, etc. – you can look into getting a virtual mailbox, like those provided by PostScan Mail.

A virtual mailbox is a physical mailbox with a real street address, which you could use for personal or business mail. PostScan Mail has over 400 real street addresses nationwide and internationally to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a corporate address on Wall Street or the heart of California, you can easily rent one for as low as $15/ month!

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