Updated on September 23rd, 2021

Working from home, or anywhere remotely for that matter, has never been easier.

More and more start-ups, small business, and entrepreneurs are turning to virtual offices to get their business going.

Not only does a virtual office decrease your initial investment, but it eliminates the stress of managing overhead costs such as lease and building expenses.

While the concept of a virtual office is relatively new, many people in the business world can benefit from moving away from the traditional brick and mortar office space.

See below for more reasons why a virtual business may be a good fit for growing your small business.   

Give your business a professional image

One key benefit of having a virtual business is that you can get your virtual business office address in a prime location for a fraction of the cost.

Not only does this go great on business cards, websites, and general marketing materials but you save on the thousands of dollars other business pay monthly for brick and mortar establishments.

It’s no secret that consumers and partners prefer to deal with business with a good image and a prominent address goes a long way in establishing credibility.

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Get more flexibility

Flexibility is a key strength for any growing business. Not only are virtual offices flexible, but they are also adaptable to different business needs.

You are free to move as your business and personal preferences dictate while maintaining a professional image to your employees and customers.

Expand your business

A virtual office also makes it easier to expand, such as securing a national and/or international presence.

By integrating your business with the technology that virtual office solutions offer you can successfully manage and grow according to your customer base.

Virtual offices also give you the option of using virtual digital mailboxes to receive and send mail. You can store your packages or forward them with smart shipping options.

You can even choose to send and receive all your international mail and packages as if you were in the same location allowing you to reach your customer base anywhere around the world. 

Remote Time Tracking for better efficiency

Due to the rise of virtual offices, time tracking software has become increasingly popular among employers to help them to track the attendance and productivity of their teams.

Aside from saving money, time trackers provide administrative and HR departments with notable relief so that they can direct more energy and time for bigger and more important projects.

Remote management also allows both employers and employees the freedom to work from home without the need to come into the office or waste time in traffic going to and from work.

You can even set access points and shifts approvals remotely so that your team can focus on what matters. 

Communication is Key

Maintaining communication is crucial to the success of any business.  With the advancement of technology, virtual offices have never had an easier time communicating across inter-departmental teams or to their clients.

Many business owners fear that by not having a brick and mortar establishment that they will miss out on an integral part of the client or employee experience.

However, modern technology has essentially resolved this small obstacle.

Thanks to the development of video conferencing to the ability to rent out conference rooms on demand, the tools to successfully execute a proper communication channel across your business are now available at your fingertips.  

Better work culture and organized working hours

More and more companies are choosing virtual offices to not only reduce their investment costs but increase efficiency across their departments.

Studies have shown that employees report higher levels of satisfaction having the freedom to work remotely leading to increased productivity and a decrease in turnover.

Worried about employees not working while on the clock? No need! Convenient solutions developed specifically for virtual offices now offer services such as tracking their attendance and working hours.

Virtual offices aren’t for just businesses anymore. By transitioning beyond the traditional clocking in and out system, employees are much more likely to work harder to show the value of working away from an office.     

Streamline your payroll and timesheets

There are now many virtual office services that can help you streamline your business. Because a virtual office, at its essence, is a system designed to assist your business in performing as efficiently as possible, these services are crucial to helping business owners perform many tasks simultaneously.

For example, there is no longer a need to worry about payroll because solutions have come to market that allow you to automate salary payments and compensations.

Whereas you normally would have spent time creating, reviewing, and manually processing wages, you now have templates that allow you to focus on other professional endeavors.  

Receive your postal mail and packages wherever you are!

As a growing business, you may find that the time and energy spent focusing on traditional post services can be unnecessarily stressful and inconvenient for your business needs.

Virtual offices now have the cost-effective option to use forwarding mail services which are convenient, fast, and secure.

Access your mail anywhere, online or via mobile, on your time. A few of the benefits include easily depositing your checks, paying your bills, or shipping your packages at a simple click of the button. It’s like having your own personal mailbox service!

Customizable to your personal and business needs, mail forwarding services can positively impact any business looking to streamline their operations.

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Working on the go is now a viable option for business owners around the world. A virtual business office is a smart solution to saving on initial overhead costs while enjoying all of the traditional perks or physical office locations.

You can track your employees, maintain productivity, and keep updated about incoming postal mail and packages wherever you are while enjoying the benefits that working remotely has to offer. 

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