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Top 10 Online Shopping Websites for Black Friday 2024

Top 10 Online Shopping Websites For Black Friday 2023

Top 10 Online Shopping Websites For Black Friday 2023

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, followed by Black Friday, you’re probably being bombarded with newsletters, ads, and notifications from various stores with their new sales. This can get overwhelming because everyone joins in on Black Friday discounts, and they usually extend throughout the whole month, so how do you choose where to shop?

Every year, Black Friday becomes more extravagant and online-focused than the year before. There are still many in-store deals that you won’t want to miss out on, but online is where the fun is really! We’ve compiled a list of all the best (and reputable) websites to visit for your Black Friday shopping spree, but some other great websites to check out that are not included are Gap, Old Navy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Newegg, and Walgreens.


Benefits of Shopping Online on Black Friday

There are several benefits to shopping online:


Factors to Consider when Choosing Online Shopping Websites

Despite the numerous advantages of online shopping, it’s essential to choose the right platforms for your Black Friday hunt.

Here are some factors to consider:

Black Friday 2024 promises to be another fantastic shopping event. Happy online shopping, and remember, the early shopper catches the best deals!


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  1. Amazon:

Amazon is the number one destination for online shopping, especially on Black Friday; this enormous retailer sells just about anything like home supplies, electronics, clothes, toys, etc.

Online shoppers could enjoy the whole month of Black November, as Amazon has deals every day, calling it the “Holideals”, in addition to their lighting deals (that are only for a certain time) and deal of the day.

This online retailer has an iOS and Android app; you probably have it on your phone, so you can check in for their daily deals. On Cyber Monday, Amazon has sales that can reach up to 70% off, so keep your electronics list in mind to compare prices and get the best deal.

You can also use this to stock up on your holiday shopping and presents. Amazon Prime Members get free two-day shipping on all purchases – which is much needed for the holidays. And in some cases, for the Prime Now Market (most of the major cities in the U.S.), same-day delivery is offered. Amazon’s annual Black Friday sales usually start from Thanksgiving so keep an eye out for that!


  1. eBay:

eBay is a great platform to buy or sell a variety of products from clothes, books, and jewelry to electronics, home supplies, and toys. And that is probably the website’s biggest advantage, the randomness of it all.

You can find selective, hard-to-find products, at really low prices – prices you usually can’t find on other websites. Another great benefit is that eBay sells products in different conditions, like new, pre-owned, refurbished, etc. so you will need to always check the condition of an item when shopping.

eBay has great deals throughout the month, so check their daily deals tab for discounts on luxury brands that can reach up to 30%, electronics reaching up to 65%, and more! And then things get really exciting from Thanksgiving until Cyber Monday, where new deals are announced every hour!

You can also earn $50 credit if you sign up for the eBay Mastercard by December 31st and spend $250+ on eBay within 30 days. Remember that laptop you’ve been eyeing for a while now? eBay’s hottest deals are mostly for electronics so be sure to spot them before it’s too late.


  1. Walmart:

Walmart also takes the lead on Black Friday, with various online and in-store sales and specializing in general merchandise, home supplies, toys, and apparel so you can find many products in one place. This year, Walmart developed a color-code map that you can get from the mobile app, so you’ll easily navigate through the store on the big day – you can prepare a list of all the things you want to get first. You’ll especially find great deals on electronics (smartphones & TVs) and toys, so get your holiday presents list ready!

And the best part about Walmart is that they give you a sneak peek at their Black Friday discounts and deals! You can find their Black Friday weekly guide on their website or you can sign up to get an early-access email. This year, Walmart’s Black Friday deals will start on Wednesday, November 27, online at 10 PM ET and in stores on Thanksgiving, November 28, at 6 PM ET.


  1. Best Buy:

Best Buy is your go-to for all types of electronics, used and new! You can preview their Black Friday Ad on their website (available now!) or sign up for their newsletter for email updates on Black Friday deals. Their doorbusters start on Thanksgiving, November 28, in stores at 5 PM but you can shop online all day long.

New doorbusters will be revealed on Black Friday, November 29 (online and in stores), doors will open at 8 AM but tickets will be handed out an hour before. Also, be sure to check out their deal of the day this month for hot deals on a limited quantity of products, these usually sell out pretty fast so don’t forget to check daily!


  1. Target:

Similar to Walmart, Target also prepares for Black Friday, a good time ahead. You can view their Black Friday weekly ad now on their website to see all their doorbusters on TVs, smartphones, and other electronics. They also currently have up to 20% off on winter apparel, 60% off on kitchen appliances and Thanksgiving décor, and 25% off on toys.

Red card holders get a unique advantage and early access to all the Black Friday deals and circle members can shop select deals starting at 7 PM ET. Target’s Doorbuster sales will start from November 28 to November 30, so it won’t be extended to Cyber Monday.


  1. Macy’s

Macy’s is the biggest retail chain in the United States, with iconic fashion brands for men’s and women’s clothes, home supplies, and accessories. The website currently hosts a pre-Thanksgiving Day Sale, where you can find great brands at a much lower price!

This is besides the 2019 clearance they have with 25% to 70% discounts. Head to the website to check out their active deals and sign up for their newsletter to get the hottest deals first.


  1. Kohl’s

Kohl’s, similar to Macy’s, has everything from general merchandise to apparel and jewelry. The online website usually starts its doorbuster discounts on Thanksgiving, lasting all weekend. But it also has early Black Friday discounts, with new deals every day – that goes through November 18 online. They’re also offering 15% off with any payment method until November 19 and $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent through November 19 but is redeemable on November 20 – 27. You can also get free shipping on orders for $25+ from November 25 to December 4. Preview Kohl’s Weekly Ad for Black Friday 2019 to assemble your shopping list!


  1. Sears:

Sears is another destination that is an all-in-one department store with multiple categories; on Black Friday, it’s primarily famous for its excellent home appliances discounts. They’ve already kicked off the Black Friday sales with incredible discounts like 40% off kitchen appliances, 50% off mechanical tools, 50% off winter apparel, 60% off game tables and fitness equipment, and so much more!

They also offer free shipping for online purchases over $35 from Sears and Kmart (but this excludes heavy or large items like refrigerators, air conditioners, tables & chairs, etc. – in this case, free delivery will only be applicable if your purchase is $399+)


  1. Black Friday: is a great website to ensure you don’t miss out on ANYTHING this Black Friday! They post the most popular Black Friday Ad Scans, the top Black Friday deals, and you can search by category to find great discounts on certain items. Be sure to sign up for their email updates so you’d always be in the loop.


  1. net:

Similar to, this website also keeps you up-to-date with all the latest Black Friday deals. However, they get into more details and explain the Black Friday campaigns when the news is out so you get all the latest info. They also have a mobile app where you can compare different deals to find the best one.

Another great website is, where you can see a list of all the active Black Friday Ads; you can also join forums on the website (U.S., Canada, and the UK) where you can find out more about lighting deals from other people. Both these websites have email notifications, so sign up today to get the latest news on Black Friday.

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Tips for Successful Online Shopping on Black Friday

By understanding branding, choosing the right online platforms for your Black Friday shopping, and strategizing your shopping, you are more likely to have a successful online shopping experience. With these tips, may your Black Friday 2024 be fruitful and enjoyable. Happy shopping!


And Finally, Happy Holidays!

Now that you’ve got your shopping list prepared and know all the great spots to snag the hottest deals and best products, you’re going to need space to keep your piles of goods. You can jam it all in your closet or the corner of your room, but would that keep everything intact and in prestigious condition? You don’t want to hand your Aunt a wrinkly sweater for Christmas or a broken blender, so store things the right way – with a virtual mailbox.

You can get all your holiday shopping done and have your packages mailed to a virtual mailbox. Use this as a storage space and have your packages forwarded to you whenever, wherever you like – and most importantly, at your own pace!



In conclusion, the top online shopping websites greatly enhance the Black Friday shopping experience. They not only offer a vast array of products at discounted prices but also promise convenience and ease of shopping at the click of a button. During such high-demand periods, services like mail forwarding, package forwarding, and virtual mailboxes play a pivotal role.

These services guarantee smoother and more efficient handling of the large volume of orders, as they can consolidate purchases from different websites, handle international shipping seamlessly, and provide customers with a virtual mailbox to manage their purchases effectively.

Among these, PostScan Mail stands out as the best package forwarding service due to its exceptional reliability, efficiency, and proactive customer service. By leveraging these services, shoppers can enjoy a hassle-free, rewarding Black Friday shopping journey.


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