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The Benefits of Using USPS Click and Ship

The Benefits Of Using Usps Click And Ship

The Benefits Of Using Usps Click And Ship

Business owners and clients alike experience the hassle of shipping packages. USPS Click and Ship is an option to help make the shipping experience less of a pain and more of a seamless process.

Business owners deal with logistics daily and realize that shipping is challenging. It’s essential to create a shipping strategy. USPS has created Click and Ship to simplify the shipping process for business owners.

The USPS implemented the Click and Ship program in the early 2000s to plan, prepay, and print shipping labels for packages from the comfort of their homes. People all over the country use the service millions of times each week. The USPS estimates that approximately 400,000 customers have used the at-home Click and Ship services.

The USPS Click and Ship program has simplified the shipping process. It brings the post office to you, becoming an online portal that allows you to do the usual things you would do at the post office. Click, and Ship will enable you to print shipping labels wherever you need them, using regular paper. When you’ve finished, you’ll be able to track your package through the shipping process.

We’ll answer all your questions here and even more! So dive in. Let’s start!

What Is USPS Click and Ship?

USPS Click and Ship is a program designed to simplify the shipping process for those who own a business or wish to streamline their shipping processes. You create, print, and pay for your labels through the USPS website. Once you’ve printed your label, please attach it to the package and prepare to ship.

You can choose to deliver your package to the post office, or you can choose to have your local postal delivery person pick up your package and get it ready for delivery.


How Does Click and Ship Work?

Generally, the Click and Ship process is relatively easy to navigate, but having a guide nearby the first few times you use it can be helpful.


The following shipping services are eligible for USPS Click and Ship label printing as of early 2023:


Click and Ship allow you to:

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Does Click and Ship Work With All USPS Services? 

USPS Click and Ship only works with some shipping options the postal service provides. More Click and Ship eligibility could be added in the future, but at the moment, the services are limited to:

You’ll likely find Click and Ship services beneficial if you plan to use any shipping services listed. If you require shipping services that aren’t listed, you won’t appreciate the services offered by Click and Ship. The decision to use Click and Ship services is dictated by what you are shipping, how much you have budgeted for shipping, and whether or not the Click and Ship services meet your needs.


What Other Services Are Included in Click and Ship Services When You Ship with Priority Mail?

In addition to the essential services we have already discussed, there are a couple of other services you can expect when you use Click and Ship.

Those services include:

  1. Delivery confirmation: Click and Ship services include delivery confirmation, which gives you information from the carrier after the package has been delivered. You will receive the zip code, date, and time of any delivery you shipped with the delivery confirmation service. Delivery confirmation benefits you in several ways. For example, if your customer contacts you to say they never received their package, you can look at the post-delivery information to help figure out where the package was delivered. Suppose the zip code the carrier sent you needed to be corrected. Then you know the issue was with delivery, and you can take the proper steps to fix the problem. If the delivery information is correct, it could indicate a stolen package or a customer is attempting to defraud you by claiming they didn’t receive the package.
  2. Delivery confirmation data is also helpful in helping to determine whether to use the same carrier in the future. You will have access to the estimated delivery date and time and can compare that to the actual delivery date and time. If the two are close, the company estimates their delivery times well. On the other hand, if the estimate is way off from the actual delivery information, consider using a different company in the future.
  3. Signature confirmation: Signature confirmation isn’t a free service, but it does have a minimal cost considering it provides peace of mind that your delivery arrived where it was supposed to when it was supposed to. This service is particularly beneficial for those selling valuable items or items with an expensive price tag. A signature confirmation service means the carrier can only deliver the package if someone signs for it to be delivered. That means there will be a record of precisely who took possession of the box if there is any question about accurate delivery. 


How to Use USPS Click and Ship

The first step in using the USPS Click and Ship service is signing up for an account on the USPS website. The Click and Ship service steps are simple, starting with creating your free account. If you have yet to create an account, you won’t be able to use the services, which are valid for every delivery service.

The second step to using Click and Ship is creating a shipping label. You add the destination address, and the service allows you to store up to 1,000 addresses in your internal Address Book. So, if you have loyal customers, you won’t need to verify their addresses every time you ship something to them.

After you create your shipping label, the next step is determining if you want to receive tracking information and email updates regarding the package delivery. You can notify your customer that the order has shipped, hold it for pickup, or add the address to the Address Book.

Once you’ve made selections regarding notifications, you can choose the shipping date. Pay attention to the date you select, as some Post Offices may not send the package if you drop it off after the shipping date.

Couriers set shipping rates by package weight or box dimensions. You might be surprised to learn they will use the larger of the two measurements to determine your shipping charges. When you enter the weight and sizes, you can choose if you use standard dimensions to determine whether to ship or if you want to use a Flat Rate. Usually, the Flat Rate is less expensive for huge packages, and it can only be used for those under 70 pounds.

Could you determine the package value and if you need additional insurance coverage? Typically, the Post Office automatically insures up to $50, but when you value the package, you can add additional insurance. After determining if you need additional insurance, you can provide any special delivery instructions you may have. That includes scheduling pickup times.

You can often choose which shipping service you’d like to use. The USPS works with multiple couriers, and this is where you can select which one they use for your package. If you want signature confirmation, you can choose it next. Finally, you review your entire order, pay for it, and print your shipping labels.

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How Much Does Click and Ship Cost?

USPS Click and Ship costs depend on what mail class you’ve used, the weight and dimensions of your packages, and their final destination. The USPS offers exceptional discounts for people using the Click and Ship service. Scheduled carrier pickups are free, but there could be added costs for special services. On average, you will save approximately 50 cents per package if you use the online Click and Ship capabilities. While that may seem insignificant, it will add up, mainly if you ship large packages.

Making regular comparisons between postage paid at your local Post Office and postage paid using Click and Ship shows that business owners save at least a little money when using Click and Ship services. While you may only save pennies on one transaction, large-volume transactions will realize more significant savings, and you will likely find your overall postage cost decreases when you choose Click and Ship.


Do I Need Special Labels for USPS Click and Ship?

Unique labels aren’t required for using USPS Click and Ship services. Some specially formatted labels created specifically for Click and Ship are available from the USPS. The cost of the labels is based on the number of labels you purchase. Twenty-five labels are selling for approximately $9 on the postal service website, and a package of 50 labels will cost around $17.

If you want labels designed explicitly for the USPS Click and Ship program, you can purchase them from the USPS. Amazon offers a selection of Click and Ship-compatible labels, but it’s best to check reviews before purchasing them. If specialty labels are outside the budget, or if you run out, you can always print your label on regular printer paper. Please attach it with clear packing tape to your package and ensure the label is visible and readable.

Also, you can ask your local USPS post office clerk to help you print your shipping labels. It’s free to have the post office print your brands, which are generally ready the same day.


What Are the Pros and Cons of USPS Click and Ship?

The USPS Click and Ship service is a convenient, easy-to-use service. Small businesses, especially home businesses, can lose tremendous money by frequent post office trips to ship packages. Online tools for managing your shipping can help reduce the stress you have dealing with logistical issues. Of course, any device designed to help streamline processes also comes with some pitfalls, so it’s essential to watch for both the advantages and disadvantages of using Click and Ship.

Advantages of USPS Click and Ship

Disadvantages of USPS Click and Ship


Alternatives to USPS Click and Ship

If you run an online business, you may wonder how or if traditional mail and shipping services can benefit you. Post Scan Mail (PSM) Virtual Mail Services is an alternative to USPS Click and Ship. A virtual mailbox from PSM allows you to manage your mail from anywhere at any time.

Some benefits of a virtual mailbox from Post Scan Mail include the following:


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