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DHL is one of the most renowned shipping companies in the world. They offer a variety of shipping services. If you’ve been wondering whether DHL delivers on weekends or not in the United States, the answer is No; however, DHL delivers on weekends in several other countries around the globe, especially Asian countries. Generally, if a country regards Saturday and Sunday as working days, DHL will carry out its activities. That isn’t all; there’s a lot more to know! Read on to find out all you need about DHL and the days they offer shipping services.

DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn) is a courier service division of Deutsche Post HL – one of the world’s most extensive logistics services. The company is headquartered in Bonn, Germany, and offers courier services to over 220 countries, including Express or Overnight Delivery, Warehousing, Freight Forwarding, etc.

With all these amazing offerings, DHL has limitations, especially regarding Saturday weekend deliveries. 

With the high rate of competition in e-commerce industries, offering delivery services outside regular business days can be a massive gain for logistics companies. That’s why most e-commerce businesses in the United States and Europe choose courier services that offer deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays.

Not only businesses, even individuals sometimes need to send urgent mail during the weekend. Maybe grandma’s birthday falls on a weekend, or you need a specific package overnight on the weekend. That’s where weekend deliveries come in handy!

Does DHL do that? Read on to find out.

Does DHL Deliver on Saturday?

The simple answer is Yes! DHL does provide delivery options on Saturdays. But this answer depends on where you reside.

For example, DHL doesn’t deliver on Saturdays in the United States, and most countries consider Saturday and Sunday as weekends. However, in countries like UAE, you can get a DHL Saturday delivery and pickup service

They use post offices in countries where Saturday is a business day. Only urgent mail and packages are delivered in countries where Saturday is a weekend. And as expected, this comes at an additional charge.

DHL Saturday deliveries are much shorter than standard delivery days – they’re usually done in the morning.

Thus, DHL offers Saturday deliveries only under certain conditions and requirements. Below are some important things you need to know about DHL Saturday delivery.


Does DHL Deliver on Saturday in Some States in the USA?

Many people still ask questions like, I reside in California. Can I get my package delivered by DHL on Saturday?’ Or does DHL deliver in Florida on Saturday? The answer is the same – DHL doesn’t deliver on Saturday in the United States.

However, other choices like FedEx, UPS, or PostScan Mail virtual mailbox exist if you want to send mail and packages on the weekend.

Does DHL Deliver to Residential Addresses on Saturday?

For European Countries:

DHL is a European company that’s headquartered in Germany. When we talk about DHL weekend deliveries, the answer is yes, they offer deliveries on Saturday and Sunday, but there are certain conditions on that also. If customers want their package delivered during the weekend, they need to choose that option when booking the package with DHL. If customers decide to deliver their package on Saturday, they have to pay an extra fee. The additional fee ranges between €20 – €40. Otherwise, you’ll have your delivery on weekdays. It’s also vital that weekend delivery isn’t available to the Dutch Wadden islands (Vlieland and Terschelling).

Also, Saturday delivery hours are limited to morning hours; you won’t see DHL vehicles dropping or picking up packages at noon on weekends.

The United States

If you’re residing in the United States, we are sorry to say DHL doesn’t cover weekend deliveries. As mentioned earlier, you won’t have any DHL package delivered on Saturday or Sunday except in exceptional cases. In urgent cases, you’ll personally ask DHL to deliver your package on Saturday or Sunday. As you expect, you’ll be charged an additional fee for this delivery.


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Does DHL Deliver to Business Addresses on Saturday?

For United States Residents:

DHL doesn’t offer Saturday delivery to business addresses in the United States. This is very unlikely from the “industry standard” for most parts of the United States.

All other major competitors of DHL, like the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS, offer weekend delivery (some of them with no additional fee). DHL doesn’t yet provide business delivery on Saturday is a huge drawback, especially for small business owners and e-commerce that might need to deliver or pick up packages during the weekend.  Also, US customers who want to have their packages delivered on Saturday have to ensure they’ve pre-planned this. Either request Saturday delivery and pay an extra fee or ensure your package arrives by Friday afternoon if you’re going with DHL. If not, you’ll have to wait longer as your packages will spend the weekend with DHL waiting to be delivered on Monday.

For European Residents:

Regarding Saturday and Sunday business delivery, DHL offers such perks to Europe residents.

But just as with residential deliveries on Saturdays, you’ll have to select the option when making a reservation for your package with DHL.

If you choose that service, you’ll be required to pay an additional fee, or your packages will be delivered on normal business days.


What Services Does DHL Offer?

DHL offers various shipping services and solutions to residential and business addresses. DHL has a shipping solution for everyone, from small home-based businesses to large brands. They also have excellent software integration solutions.

Some of the most popular DHL services are:

DHL Express

DHL Express is a premium shipping option offered by DHL that supports both international and domestic shipping.

DHL is a leader in express delivery in the global market, thus making the brand trusted by millions of customers worldwide.

Many online shoppers prefer using DHL express because it lets them know exactly when their package will be delivered and reduces the chances of failed deliveries. There are two options for DHL Express delivery:

DHL Express 9:00 and DHL Express 12:00

If you want to ship a valuable package parcel to the UK, Tokyo, or France, and want it delivered today, not tomorrow, then the DHL Express 9:00 is your ideal option. Their staff will do whatever it takes to ensure your shipment has been delivered the next business day before or by 9:00, thus allowing your business associates to work on it that same day.  On the other hand, DHL Express noon ensures all shipments have been delivered before noon.


If DHL Express at 9:00 or 12:00 isn’t fast enough for you, there’s yet another faster option – DHL Sameday Services!

When you choose DHL Sprintline, a mail carrier will pick up your parcel in his vehicle and take it to the delivery location on that same day unfailingly. Even if it’s an international shipment, DHL will try its best to deliver your package that same day.

DHL Jetline, on the other hand, ensures your packages board the first possible DHL flight, or even if there’s no DHL flight, their courier will take it aboard the first commercial flight to ensure it is delivered that same day.

DHL Parcel

DHL Parcel is a service that allows you to send your Parcel from a DHL Servicepoint and then follow it up via the My DHL app. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the MyDHL app, choose the weight of your parcel, and enter your info and the recipients.
  • Pay for your shipment with a credit card or iDeal and drop off your parcel at the nearest DHL service point.
  • Show the staff the QR code on your phone, and you’ll be given a shipping label. You can also find the shipping label on the app if you prefer to print it yourself.

With this service, you have control over your delivery time – if the fixed delivery time isn’t convenient for you or you missed delivery, you can reschedule where and when you want your package delivered.

DHL eCommerce

DHL e-commerce is a shipping service for e-commerce businesses and others that ship many lightweight products (equal to or less than 5 pounds). Most e-commerce platforms and shipping management software have integrated this shipping option.

The DHL e-commerce service also offers domestic and international shipping, delivery, and return business customers. It is available to customers in Europe, North America, Asia, and India.

Having an extensive global reach has made it very easy for DHL to provide convenient and affordable cross-border shipping.


How does DHL e-commerce Work?

DHL e-commerce offers high-end service for domestic and international customers that ship many products.

They have a portal interface integrated with some e-commerce giants and shipping platforms. There are no upfront costs to use this service; all you’ve to do is; is make orders from your e-commerce platform, create shipping labels, track your packages, and handle returns when needed.

Depending on the location, DHL e-commerce offers delivery within 2 to 14 business days.

You can choose the DHL fulfillment option to deliver orders to your customers faster. This allows you to ship your goods to a DHL fulfillment warehouse, where they will be stored until a customer orders.  Then the order will be picked up and delivered.

The DHL e-commerce plan makes domestic deliveries Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

Pros of DHL e-commerce:

  • Affordable and convenient international shipping options and tools 
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate tracking 
  • DHL fulfillment service available 
  • Integrated with many e-commerce software

Cons of DHL e-commerce:

  • Only businesses that ship a high volume of items are eligible.
  • Pricing isn’t transparent.
  • Weekend shipping isn’t available in the United States.

Who can use DHL e-commerce:

Any business owner that actively ships at least 200 pieces daily or 1000 pieces weekly is eligible to use the DHL e-commerce.


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DHL Global Forwarding

DHL global forwarding is another division of DHL that provides air and ocean freight forwarding services globally. The service also plans and executes major logistics projects.

The global forwarding service provides customers with reliable, efficient, and flexible forwarding options from and to every country worldwide.

DHL global forwarding ships products by road, rail, air, and sea.


DHL Freight

DHL Freight is another division of DHL that provides land freight services across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and some independent commonwealth states. This division, together with the DHL global forwarding service, forms the Deutsche Post Forwarding and Freight Division.


DHL Supply Chain

DHL Supply Chain is another division of DHL with over 500k staff. This division actively participates in the technology, automotive, life sciences, and healthcare industries.

The division is organized into six regions, Asia Pacific, North America, South America, UK & Ireland, Greater China, and MLEMEA (Mainland Europe, Middle East, and Africa)


What Time Does DHL Deliver?

The services of DHL, including delivery time, largely depend on the region the package is coming from and where it’s going. Also, these services are subject to additional costs. For example, if you want to use shipping services on DHL, you’ll need to select the DHL Saturday Delivery option when booking your shipment. On the other hand, Sunday deliveries are only offered for urgent shipments with a higher extra fee.

Here’s a breakdown of when DHL delivers in different countries:

DHL delivery time in the USA:

DHL delivery in the United States is done during regular working hours, that is, Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. However, you can request special weekend deliveries if you have an urgent delivery. In this case, you’ll be charged a high additional fee, but it’s worth it if you urgently need to ship the package.

DHL Delivery time in Europe and the UK:

The delivery time of DHL in European countries, Monday through Saturday, is between 8 am to 6 pm. There are also deliveries made to the Benelux. However, DHL doesn’t offer a weekend delivery to the Wadden Sea Island of the Netherlands.

If you choose weekend delivery, pick-up will be available on Friday. There is also Special Sunday delivery that comes at an additional fee.  It’s good you know that the Sunday delivery times of DHL are minimal.

DHL Delivery Time in Malaysia:

The regular DHL delivery time in Malaysia is Monday through Friday between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. They also offer Saturday deliveries, but the time is limited to 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

DHL Delivery Time in Gulf Countries:

DHL delivers during normal weekday working hours by partnering with local post offices. The gulf countries consider Friday and Saturday as Weekends. As such, deliveries aren’t made on Fridays.

DHL Delivery Time in Asia:

DHL delivers all week round in Asia, including Saturday and Sunday. You can pick it up or have a delivery on Saturday. DHL also opens during some public holidays in Asia.

DHL Delivery Time in Australia:

In Australia, DHL makes regular delivery Monday through Friday between 8 am to 6 pm. The delivery time depends on the destination and size of the package.

You can also request Special deliveries on weekends if necessary.

What Time Does DHL Deliver on Saturdays

DHL delivery times on Saturday, depending on the region the package is coming from and where it’s going. The same applies to DHL Sunday Delivery time.

However, DHL doesn’t deliver in most Christian countries on Sunday, but in gulf countries where Sunday is normal, deliveries are made during regular working hours.

Yet, under certain circumstances, you can request weekend delivery and pay an additional charge for it if you’re residing in a Christian country.


Does DHL eCommerce Deliver on Saturday?

This depends on the country you’re residing in. DHL e-commerce doesn’t deliver on Saturday in the United States and other states that consider Saturday as the weekend. However, they deliver on Saturday in Europe and Gulf countries.

This is a massive drawback for small businesses using DHL e-commerce in the United States. Because many customers will demand delivery on weekends, that’s where PostScan mail Virtual mailbox comes in handy to cater to your weekend delivery needs.


Does DHL Express Deliver on Saturday?

You might be asking, Does DHL Express Deliver on Saturday? The answer to this is No and Yes. Generally, DHL Express doesn’t deliver on Saturday; however, if your delivery is urgent, you can arrange for it to be delivered on the next business day.  On the flip side, you can opt for Saturday Pickup or Saturday delivery at an extra cost.


Does DHL Global Mail Deliver on Saturday?

DHL Global mail doesn’t deliver on Saturday in the United States; however, if your delivery is time sensitive, you can pay the additional cost and have it delivered to you on Saturday.

In Europe and Gulf countries, DHL Global mail delivers on Saturday.


Does DHL Offer the Same Day Delivery?

Grandma’s birthday is today, and you need to send a last-minute birthday gift, or you make a last-minute purchase to complete a DIY project. Well, DHL’s Same day delivery got you covered!

DHL offers same-day delivery with immediate package acceptance and pick-up from almost 2000 DHL locations worldwide.  What more? This stress-free and convenient shipping option is a global service.

With a global reach and the flexibility to meet the challenges of fast-moving local markets, DHL ensures all packages are delivered exactly that same day

There are a lot of benefits that come with DHL’s same-day delivery. Some are:

  • Immediate pickup (within 60 – 120 minutes) from their locations.
  • Global coverage.
  • 24/7 and 365 days a year availability. If you have a package that needs to be delivered during the weekend, you can choose the DHL same-day delivery.
  • Accurate Tracking capability
  • Delivery to over 220 countries and territories.
  • Door-to-door service.
  • Shipments of all goods, irrespective of size or weight.

However, you must know that DHL’s same-day delivery is higher than the standard delivery fee. So, while you enjoy the perk of your shipment getting delivered that same day, get ready to pay additional fees.


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Does DHL Deliver on Saturday in (Germany-Australia -Canada- India- Ireland-Malaysia)?

For Germany:

If urgent deliveries need to arrive that same day in Germany, you can pay the extra cost and have it delivered to you on Saturday.

For Australia:

If you’re residing in Australia the same rules apply to the US if you’re residing in Australia. There are no deliveries on Saturday except in exceptional cases.

For Canada:

Yes! Weekend delivery is available in Canada. DHL delivers on Saturdays from 8 am to 6 pm.

For India:

If you want your DHL packages to be delivered on Saturday in India, you must select the option when booking your package at DHL.

For Ireland:

Yes, DHL offers Saturday delivery to most European countries, including Ireland.

For Malaysia:

Yes, DHL Express delivers in Malaysia from 10:30 am to 12:30 am on Saturdays.


How Late Does DHL Deliver on Saturday?

DHL generally delivers between 10:30 am to 12:30 pm on Saturdays. So, the late you can expect your mail is 12:30 pm; anything after one, you shouldn’t expect the package to be delivered that day.


What are the Benefits When DHL Delivers on Saturday?

DHL Saturday Delivery has a lot of benefits for both customers and business owners.

For customers, it provides them with the flexibility of shopping and having their packages delivered on Saturdays. It also makes the delivery of gifts and surprises easier.

On the other hand, DHL Saturday delivery help businesses to make more sales and build more trust with their customers.


How much does DHL Delivery cost?

The cost of DHL delivery depends on the weight and dimension of the package as well as the destination region.

With the DHL shipping rate calculator, you can estimate your shipping cost. You’ll be provided with three estimates: an estimate for booking online, another for dropping off the package at a DHL location, and another for booking by phone. You’ll also be shown the nearest drop-off location.

For this type of delivery you’ll usually be charged an additional US$50 per shipment for this type of delivery. Also, in countries where Saturday delivery is not usually provided, you’ll be charged another fee for weekend deliveries.


Why Is the Virtual Mailbox From PostScan Mail the Best Solution for You?

The virtual mailbox is an easy way to get all your mail forwarded. If you have a job that requires you to travel or move, the virtual mailbox will help you stay in touch with important mail.

This section will explore the benefits of using a virtual mailbox from PostScan Mail.

Virtual mailboxes were introduced to the world of mail by the company PostScan Mail. They were initially designed as an alternative to post office boxes, which were unavailable in many areas. A virtual mailbox removes the need for an account and can be forwarded to any address. This means that you can use your virtual mailbox anywhere, and it is always accessible to you.

Companies with a workforce constantly on the move or even across different continents can also benefit from this service as they can forward their mail to any address in just one click.

PostScan Mail saves you from the stress and worry of having your mail and packages delivered on weekends. It provides you with a physical address where all your mail and packages will be received; then uploaded to your virtual mailbox account, where you can view it on any internet-enabled device. From there, you choose how you want your Mail or package to be handled – whether you like it opened and scanned, delivered to your doorstep, forwarded to another address, or kept for pickup.

With our virtual mailbox, you’ll be able to save shipping costs, schedule delivery at your convenience, and forward mail to any address of your choice at a pocket-friendly price.

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