Fallen Heroes Are Remembered This Weekend

May 24 2013 - 12:43

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Memorial Day is coming up, and although it's a paid holiday for some, it's actually a time for Americans to remember and celebrate the men and women who gave their life for our country. Patriotism has kept our country united through tough times--no matter the walks of life, creed or belief. Patriotism is rooted firmly in tradition.

I'd like to think the US Postal Service is still a big part of the American tradition. Recently, the USPS issued Gettysburg, Vicksburg Civil War Forever stamps. The stamps commemorate two of the most important events of the Civil War. This will be the third in a five-year series of stamps commemorating the Civil War.

The background image of the stamp sheet actually features a photo by Civil War photographer, Mathew Brady. Although the Civil War is a time when our country is divided, remembering that period is a chance for Americans to reflect on how far we've come as a country.

PostScan Mail Helps To Uplift an American Tradition

In an article by Government Executive writer, Eric Katz, wrote that "nearly all internet-enabled Americans would feel the impact of the elemination of the U.S. Postal Service, according to a recent survey, though only about half would be significantly impacted."

Katz said the online survey was conducted by the USPS Inspector General's office, and found that Americans are poorly educated about the details of the nation's mailing agency but supportve of its continued existence.

What Americans ARE educated about these days is the internet. People young and old are wired in and ready for constant information at their fingertips. PostScan Mail seeks to combine old world communication, preserving the efficiency and even sentimental value of paper mail, with the immediacy and simplicity of electronic correspondence.

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