Mail Handler Says Goodbye After 60+ Years of Service

Jul 25 2013 - 11:31

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Mail Handler Says Goodbye After 60+ Years of Service

Meiko S. Patton, a writer for the United States Postal Service, did a piece on Willie Clemmons a mail handler hired in 1951. Clemmons is set to retire this year. This means he has served the USPS for more than 60 years.

Clemmons served in World War II, stationed in Germany, and eventually entered the Army Reserves. He was initially recruited by the USPS due to his skills acquired in the Army, repairing torn mail and machines.

At 86-years-old, Clemmons has enjoyed his career and co-workers at the United States Post Office. It’s amazing to think that he’s ‘done it all” as far as mail handling goes. He’s seen the changes. He handled mail manually, helping to unload ultra-heavy mailbags off of trains.  

Now, with services like PostScan Mail, mail recipients can do a lot of what mail handlers had do to by hand 60 years ago. PostScan Mail is a virtual mailbox, so customers can literally roll out of bed (or stay in it) to check their postal mail, shred or recycle their mail, or have it forwarded somewhere else. Before, huge mailrooms were required for small and large business. Now, PostScan Mail allows your business to grow in a thriving technological environmet.

Patton quoted Clemmons saying, “I will miss the Postal Service because I love to do a job well done. I pride myself in returning parcels and letters to people who are expecting them. I’ve had a great career with great co-workers."

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