The Post Office Continues To Care

Jul 11 2013 - 13:08

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The Post Office Continues To Care

In Gwinnet County, Georgia, a working college student and soon-to-be bride had $400 returned to her by the US Post Office. Betsy Holmes accidentally placed the cash in the mail. In an article by Jerry Carnes on the 11 Alive/NBC website, Carnes wrote that Holmes put the cash in an envelope with no stamp on it and no name. What was on it was her employers' address. Holmes cash was back in her hands in just a couple days due to the kind folks at the local processsing facility.

That just goes to show that the USPS still cares. Holmes' cash was supposed to go towards a brand new laptop, and because there were good enough people at the processing facility, Holmes' is able to buy that new laptop. A new computer is a pretty big deal for a college student.

"There were good people who did the right thing," Carnes quoted Holmes. "I appreciate it."

PostScan Mail is no different. Since we operate at an even smaller scale, we make sure to be very careful and thoughtful when handling your mail.  A virtual mailbox doesn't mean your service needs to be impersonal. We have actual humans processing your precious mail, and every piece is accounted for.

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