Quarterly Makes Snail Mail a Little More Interesting

Jun 14 2013 - 11:36

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It seems snail mail is making a "hip" comeback with young entrepreneurs taking it in new directions. Hugh Hart from the Los Angeles Times reported that a new company called Quarterly, founded by Zach Frechette, 31, is bringing the public "old-timey physical boxes that you can touch."

Quarterly sends customers boxes curated by designers; bloggers; foodies; musicians; chefs; gardeners; entrepreneurs; appmakers; writers, and video game pundits. This is all sent through snail mail to users signing up for subscriptions ranging from $25 to $100. Items may include items of the contributors' own obsessions. Hart wrote, "Machine-building science writer Joshua Foer sent his followers a box that contained 19th century-style prism spectacles. And this month music producer Pharrell Williams included 'The Alchemist' novel and flash drive containing an unreleased song in his new 'Curiosity'-themed shipment."

PostScan Mail, a virtual mailroom, can help enhance the experience of new-meets-old,hip meets tradition. With the the capability of knowing exactly where your mail is and where its from--without actually checking your mailbox--works great with new and adventurous services like Quarterly. Imagine using package forwarding, seeing your PostScan Mail account update you about where your unique box of goodies is while you're out grabbing a bite or in the office. It brings a smile to your face. Then imagine getting to open the package!

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