USPS Employees Get New Cell phones

Sep 06 2013 - 12:23

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According to Postal News Blog, the USPS has started to give new cell phones to their employees. The phones will allow carriers to upload data from their barcode scanners in real time. Also customers will be able to make payments through the carriers’ phone (however, the post points out that USPS does not allow employees to accept payments while on the job).

This kind of technology is a little late for USPS, being something most small to large businesses have been using since the advent of commercially-made smartphones.  But better late than never I always say.

Smartphones would most likely modernize the USPS, but it’s up to the agency to provide thorough training in order for the employees to avoid as many errors as possible. I mean, my dad bought a Blackberry when he was 64 and he was with the USPS for 28 years. He still doesn’t know how to use the thing, but that could just be a rare case.

Hopefully the USPS will understand and respect this technology in order to use it to its full advantage. Smartphones are only “smart” if used correctly.

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