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Maya Angelou Stamp Has One Error

Maya Angelou Stamp

Maya Angelou, best known for rising from poverty, segregation, and violence to becoming a famous poet, singer, actress, and dancer, is being commemorated by the United States Postal Service with this beautiful stamp.

But the funny thing is… the quote isn’t actually hers. On Monday, Joan Walsh Anglund, a children’s writer, told The Washington Post that she originated the sentence in her book of poems A Cup of Sun, published in 1967.

The quote has been attributed to Angelou before though. President Obama even attributed the quote to her when he presented the National Medal of the Arts and Humanities.

Anglund didn’t seem to be too upset about the misattribution and said that she hopes that the stamp is very successful.

The stamp is now available for purchase in blocks of 4 for $1.96 or blocks of 8 for $3.92 or a sheet of 12 stamps for $5.88 at your local USPS store or online.

It is a good gesture of USPS to preserve the memory of Maya Angelou with a beautiful stamp. If you are a stamp collector, this is a good opportunity for you to keep a funny stamp, commemorating Maya Angelou with someone else’ quote.

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Mail Carriers To the Rescue

Sharen Byrd, a French Camp Rural Carrier in Sacramento, CA went above and beyond her call of duty. According to an article by Meiko S.Patton, Byrd came across a female customer screaming hysterically at the top of her lungs. The customer had apparently accidentally locked herself between her front door and  the security door of her home. Stuck, the customer had been in the hot sun for over an hour.

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